Immersion Program

at Metamorfose Commune – Serra da Mantiqueira


The Immersion Program allows interested people to participate in the weekly activities that occur at the Commune. The guest accommodations are double, triple or quadruple suites based on availability. Check-in is after 2pm and check out before 1pm. Once availability is confirmed, the person can arrive on the stipulated day and time. It is not necessary to bring anything other than clothes and personal hygiene products.

The guest may participate in all of the meeting and programmed activities that occur during the week: social meditations, vibrational meditations, therapies, Deva Nishok’s Massage Method exchange in the event hall (supervised by a coordinator), groups with music, singing, and dance, body movement and expression, breathing exercise as well as others.

Three daily meditation practices are available, one in the morning at 7am, one in the afternoon at 5:30 pm, and one in the evening at 9pm. All of the meditations are conducted by Tantric Therapist trainees and residents of the Commune.

If interested in our individual or complementary therapeutic services, such as individual massage, Rebirthing, Integrated Breathing Therapy, or any other service please consult our price list at the reception.

Our food is alkalizing and vegetarian. The water comes from our own artesian well, with the water content analyzed by an accredited laboratory. Our water has a proven ph 7.8 balance.

Come join the healthy atmosphere of Metamorfose Commune, meditating and eating in a healthy manner. Stay as long as you wish. It will be a great pleasure to host you.

Deva Nishok

Daily rate without overnight: R$ 160 (including meals)
Daily rate with overnight: R$ 240 (including lodging and meals)

* Amounts exceeding R$ 1,000 can be paid in two installments without interest.
* Amounts exceeding R$ 2,000 can be paid in three installments without interest.
* Amounts exceeding R$ 3,000 can be paid in four installments without interest.

* Discount of 5% for those who pay in cash.

Check-in: after 2pm
Check out: until 1pm

What is included in the daily rate:
  • Meal and lodging in double, triple or quadruple suites
  • Group meditations and activities
  • Wi-fi
What it’s not included:
  • Telephone bills
  • Transportation
  • Laundry
  • Extra Massages
  • Medication
  • Suplements

* Group activities include: Active Meditations, Massage exchanges, Rebirthing and Breathing techniques, Dance and Music, themed classes, Satsangs and meetings with Nishok, Osho videos, and much more.

Guest extra values:
Meals R$ 30 (each)
Event hall activities R$ 60 (each)
Nightly R$ 80 (with breakfast)

Yes, I want to register!

For more information, contact us:
+ 55 (35) 997-283-421 (Vivo / WhatsApp)

A little more about the activities

Vibrational Therapeutic Processes

Deva Nishok has researched since 1996 vibrational therapeutic processes connected with Tantra that offers emotional and physical balance to those who practice. These vibrational practices have been used for years within Journey to the Heart group, which happens throughout Brazil and abroad.

It is fundamental to comprehend that Tantra practiced at Center Metamorfose has nothing to do with Sex, it is aimed at personal growth and development.

Nature Heals
Since ancient times, many researchers and human observers realized that there is a vibrational magnetic force and healing presence in nature. Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa Von Nettesheim, in 1486, Philippus Aureolus Theophrastus Bombastus
Von Hohenheim (Paracelso) in 1500, Johames Trithemius, Franz Anton Mesmer in 1750, A. M. J. Castenet, o Marques de Puysègur, o Barão Du Potet, Barão Karl Von Reichenbach, Braid, Émile Boirac, Sir Wiliam Crookes, Semyon Kirlian and his wife, Valentina, Dr. Wilhelm Reich, Alexander Lowen, John and Eva Pierrakos, Hahneman, Bach, Vicky Wall and countless other researchers who in their time, were able to prove that there is a vibrational medicine that can harmonize and balance the human species.

Here at Metamorfose Center we use various vibrational therapy modalities connected with animal magnetism, Bach Flower essence, Homeopathy, Phytotherapy, Clay therapy, Crystal therapy, baths and therapies with water, teas and infusions, Vibrational Meditations, Sauna and integration processes with Nature that helps preserve health and general balance.

Social Meditations

The Social Meditations allows the participants to synchronize and integrate aspects related to the mind, physical body, emotions and essence, aligning the person in harmony, producing a centered and balanced state. Many social dramas could be resolved through social meditations.

We have a varying daily meditation program.

Some of the meditations that we use include: AUM, Dynamic Meditation, Kundalini, Nataraj, Let Go, Gourishankar, Heart Chakra, Chakra Sounds, Mandala, Overtones Chakras, No Dimensions, Whirling, Gibberish, Chakra Breathing, Devavani, Kirtan, Dance Meditations, No Mind, MVB and Kundalini Up (developed at Metamorfose Comunne) and others.

Dance and Body Expression

Dance is an art that expresses sentiments. The body says a lot through dance. Dance also translates the state of the spirit, like when it is happy, when you received something that you really wanted, or when you received good news, or when you received a wonderful visit from someone. So dance translates feelings, obeying our internal rhythm. Thus, dance is an expression of our inner feelings, which is translated through movement. Dance is also an art produced by man, especially when it possesses cadenced and coordinated movements to the sound of music and it requires motor skills to accompany it with rules, aiming at perfection. Dance has existed since ancient times and has transformed the development of man.

We work with the expression and creativity through freestyle or formalized dance.

Healthy and Integrated Living

We encourage everyone to practice and express the values of their soul, motivating the heart, showing admiration, affection, respect for others, animals and plants; where friendship, respect and appreciation prevails.

You will learn to develop you personal biography through daily interactions with others, where you share your vision of the world and life. Through this sharing you develop a new life story.

Every participant is able to share his or her experience and expectations with the Commune. The Commune is a school of individual and social development, based on the foundation of friendship, affection, respect and responsibility as leverages for personal development.


Encounters only happen when there is attention and awareness. For a real encounter to occur, there needs to be focus and complete intention. The problem with humanity is the absence, dispersion, lack of sufficiency and preparation for the result of a true encounter.

Encounters are the space especially created to fully exercise the expression of creative manifestation. In this space, the person self regulates and realizes for oneself. One learns to confide in free initiative without fear of exposure, and without fear of judgment.

Laugh Therapy

Bad humor is very damaging!

The idea of laughter in therapy is not new. In the fourth century A.C., the physician Hippocrates already suggested to his colleagues the use of games in the treatment of patients. Humor, in Greek, means liquid, fluid. Humorous people were considered to have good vibes, therefore, healthy.

Laughing is a physiological manifestation that, on average, according to Freud, does not exceed fifteen seconds. For psychoanalysis, laughter is the result of humor. Humor integrates the opposites, breaks hierarchies, facilitating inter and intra communication. Schizophrenics and obsessives do not have a sense of humor.

Laughing pours into positive energy. The exchange of this energy between people harmonizes the environment and combats mental and spiritual pollution. Laughter, as an expression of good feelings, is a therapeutic agent.

Laughter is essential for psychic ecology, and for mental health. Laughter is much more than the movement of the 40 muscles in the head and neck. Laughter gives life signals.

React: Make someone else happy. Smile, say yes to life. Bad mood is very damaging!

Imagine the power of smiling: It opens doors. Closes business deals. Frees suffocation. It’s good for the health. It is anti-corrosive. Suppose you create a mental picture of where you are: frowning, sad, worried, bored, sour. Now ask yourself: What does this mental picture bring of value to you?

An overwhelmed face does not indicate responsibility or common sense. Sadness rusts the tools of the soul. It corrodes every prospect of success and creative achievement. This is how a silent cancer, undermines resistance, and all possibility happiness.

Worrying is a useless occupation. It happens before the actual occurrence and only wastes energy, tires the person unnecessarily. It diverts you from your potential strength and persistency.

Agitation doesn’t pay debts, nor resolves any pending financial matters. It only complicates what is difficult. Bad humor, beyond being damaging, closes all doors of help coming in and deviates any efforts in your favor.

By adopting the smile as your face card, you improve your marketing staff, shows you with a pleasant and inviting stance, shows your success, your effectiveness, and personal achievement.

Bitter and sullen people are signs of bad health and an infectious defeatist. Happy and sympathetic people catalyzes attention, wastes less energy before problematic situations and tend to arrive at better solutions, because they act within the adequate parameters of a healthy, emotional coefficient.

If you are depressed:

  • Hold your head up;
  • Open your chest;
  • Lower your shoulders;
  • Breathe deeply;
  • Sigh - release your woes;
  • Relax your buttocks;
  • Relax your hips;
  • Release your pelvis with rhythmic movements;
  • Release the body equally on both feet;
  • Release the eyelids and jaws;
  • Relax the tongue;
  • Part your lips, brighten your face;
  • Smile;
  • Feel the deliciousness of life coursing through your body and surrounding your entire being.

Continue forward with security and lightness.
Print your steps along the way as an emperor who knowingly places, with certainty, his mark on everything he does.
See your real importance.
Free yourself.
Face projects with the perspective of viability.
Analyze the pros and cons and confide.
Confide in yourself and your infinite support.
Everything in life transforms and you too will transform.
When you do the possible, the impossible loses ground and realization happens.

Remember: A good laugh activates all systems in the physical body. Think about this and allow yourself to shake.

“All that this world needs is a good cleansing of the heart of all the inhibitions of the past. Laughter and tears can do both. Tears will take out all the agony that is hidden inside you and laughter will take all that is preventing your ecstasy. Once you have learned the art you will be immensely surprised: why has this not been told up to now? There is a reason: nobody has wanted humanity to have the freshness of a rose flower and the fragrance and the beauty.” Osho

Laughing is an excellent regulator of the Central Nervous System. Scientists have proved the efficacy of laughing in surgery recuperation and in disease prevention. Laughing increases the bodies immunity, stimulates serotonin and endorphin production, and combats the harmful effects of depression and anxiety. Laughing stimulates intestinal functioning and produces a sedative effect, providing a quiet and restful sleep. It improves social relations and restores the joy of living in individuals. Come experience laughter!

Music, Song and Choral

We use music as an integration process. We sing mantras and create invocations of shared love.

Rebirthing and
Integrated Breathing Therapies

The cure through breathing
Rebirthing is one of the simplest and most powerful techniques for physical and emotional healing. It is based on breathing and creative thinking. Through breathing techniques we acquire a deep and detailed awareness of the mind, body and of our emotions. Beyond this, this breathing frees us of memories and emotions from infancy, birth and pregnancy that are suppressed in the body.

The creative thought is based on the fact that we are creators of our reality through our thoughts. What we will experience in the next ten or twenty years will be influenced by what we do or think today!

Rebirth means that you can live here and now, you can see everything in front of you clearly, without clouds, nor traces of the past that blurs your vision, diminishes your hearing, confuses your feeling of touch; it means purifying the mind of thoughts that distorts the truth, the true meaning of being, and not wishing in any way to put masks or disguises, but wanting the world and yourself to recognize and admire your individuality.

Rebirth means to breath wholly, with strength, with the will to live intensely; re-do and feel exactly what you came to do and feel here!

For most people, Rebirthing is an experience of liberation, understanding, healing and love, an exciting adventure, pleasurable and of great value from the first session.

When you learn to breathe and relax in the presence of your feelings, you become one with your nature, healing the flow of your life, your awareness is expanded, old behavioral patterns disappear and physical illnesses are substituted for health and juventude.

“Yes", I am going to the Commune in order to look deep inside of me and to discover who I am in each situation. How I act or react with every restriction, every look, every touch, every provocation, every participation. I will trust myself and in the process that is being offered to me, and I will rely on the therapists that perform the task that of helping me.”

Yes, I want to register!

For more information, contact us:

+ 55 (35) 997-283-421 (Vivo / WhatsApp)