Tantric Massage Training
Advanced Module with Deva Nishok

Deva Nishok Method


This course is an extension of the Basic Tantric Massage Course, where you learn directly from Deva Nishok at Metamorfose Commune (our headquarters) special maneuvers for G-Spot Massage, Lingam Massage and vibrational techniques associated with our massages.

A rich course for those who wish to deepen their skills within the Deva Nishok Method for their own personal use. And for those who wish to be professionals, an opportunity to increase their understanding of our Method as well as a chance to get to know the Metamorfose Commune, which will help you to decide whether to participate in the Training for Tantric Therapist. If you decide to participate in the Training after the Advanced Course, 100% of your payment will be discounted from the cost of the Training.

The course has a residential retreat format, beginning Friday at 7:30 pm and ending on Sunday at 4:30 pm. It is a strictly hands on practice, where you will learn and be instructed on several polarized massage exchanges (pairing of women and men). Beyond the massages you will have tantric and vibrational experiences that help in unblocking the Chakras and increasing the sexual energy.

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Why take this Course?

1 - You will learn directly with Deva Nishok

You will learn exclusive techniques direct from the creator of the Deva Nishok Method. You will learn the special maneuvers of G-Spot and Lingam Massage; you will also learn techniques to connect vibrational techniques to that of massage, increasing the effects of pleasure and the orgasmic intensity; you will have direct contact with Nishok whom has more than 30 years experience and developed this method.

2 - Immersion at Metamorfose Commune

You will be in immersion at Metamorfose Commune for one weekend. We are located at the breathtaking Serra da Mantiqueira mountain range, with infrastructure built especially for therapeutic work that we apply here, which includes our event hall which is made of wood, of 120 square meters with stunning views of the mountains.

3 - Food and Accommodations

Experimenting the mouth watering Commune food will be one of the best experiences during your visit. The food and accommodations are included in your investment. The accommodations can be in double or triple suites or shared quadruple rooms.

4 - Discount on Training for Tantric Therapists

In case you wish to later participate in our Training for Tantric Therapists, you will receive a discount of the entire price you paid for this Advanced course. Therefore, if you are still in doubt about whether to participate in our fabulous human development and professional process - Training for Tantric Therapist the Deva Nishok Method - this course will help you in your decision, without being an extra course.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be able to work as a Professional Therapist under the Deva Nishok Method upon completion of this course?

No. This course is for people who would like to work with there partners or for people who simply wish to deepen there knowledge in our Method. The course does not cover all aspects required to act professionally within the Deva Nishok Method. For this we have Training for Tantric Therapists.

Can I get a discount in the Training if I take this course?

Yes, in case you decide to participate in the Training (for the first time), the entire price of this course will be discounted from the price of your Training.

Do I need to bring a partner?

No. We make sure to have an equal number of men and women in the course for polarity. But if you register with a partner, there is a discount in the price, as this helps with our organization of the event.

Women learn to apply the massage on men and vice versa. We encourage the participants to experiment with applying the technique on different people each massage as to be able to notice the variation energetically with each body type, however couples whom wish to only exchange massages together are able to do this as well.

Is this course only for Heterosexuals?

Anyone can participate in this course independent of their sexual orientation. However, in this course the classes are polarized, ie, with the same number of men and women and the massage exchanges are always paired up.

If you wish to learn the technique using on the same sex, check out Classes for Homosexuals.

Who is this training made for?

To everyone who wants to develop his or her orgastic potential and fine tune the sexual energy. Couples who want to reach a new level of intimacy and pleasure. Therapists and other professionals who want new tools to deal with sexual dysfunctions.

How can I practice the massage techniques after the course?

For those whom participate in our Tantric Massage Courses it is possible to continue your development and training in a secure space under the guidance of trained therapists through Development Center of Tantric Massage. We currently have regular meetings in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Florianópolis, Brasília and Belo Horizonte.

Does this course give a Certificate?

Yes, we give a Certificate of Participation.

Where: Metamorfose Commune

The workshop happens at the Metamorfose Commune, only 74.5 mi (120 km) from São Paulo, in Itapeva/MG. It is located at the top of the Mantiqueira Mountain Range, surrounded by nature and filled with optimal energy for therapeutic work.

The growth provided by living in a community with a therapeutic approach is available to anyone. Here you can work on your personal issues in a deep and profound way, completely immersed in your experience.

“When I arrived at the Commune I felt as if I was in the clouds, in every sense. The wonderful landscape, the warm reception, the outstanding food… Everything here brought a new sense of meaning to my life. I’ll be eternally grateful for all these new references!”
Renata Martins (psychotherapist, 54 years old)

Comuna Metamorfose


Deva NishokDeva Nishok

Over 30 years of experience with energetic process of balancing and healing. He is specialized coach in relationships and human sexuality, certified through Sociedade Brasileira de Coaching. Nishok is a professional Kinesiology Pratictioner e offers courses in Tantra, Tantric Massage, Body Integration, Vertebral Therapy, Chakra Balancing and meditation groups.

Deva Nishok created his own methodology of sensorial and energetic massage called Sensitive, Extase Total, Lingan Massage, Yoni Massage, G-Spot Massage and P-Spot Massage, that are specific to Metamorfose and unique in the world. He was an editor and producer of Jornal Metamorfose - Caminhos para a Transformação (Metamorfose Newpaper - Path to Transformation). Nishok also has many certificates in Integrated Therapies of Breathing and Rebirthing. He is a facilitator of personal development groups such as O Caminho do Amor (Journey to the Heart), Melting (The Oceanic Experience), among others.

Currently, Deva Nishok is the general coordinator of Comunna Metamorfose.

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July 8, 9 and 10

  • Begins Friday 7:30pm
  • Ends sunday 4:30pm
  • Pre-requisite

    Couple: R$ 1.200 (per person)
    Individual: R$ 1.620 (per person)
    Redo: R$ 600

  • Up to 12x without interest
  • 10% discount on cash payment
  • Price includes lodging and meals
  • Includes participation certificate
  • In case you wish to later participate in our Training for Tantric Therapists, you will receive a discount of the entire price you paid for this Advanced course.
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