Training as a Tantric Therapist

Deva Nishok Method

Since 1996 the Metamorfose Center has dedicated itself to training therapists, being the forerunner of several therapeutic approaches, revised and updated, connected to a new interpretation of Tantra.

The market for Tantric Therapy has never been so eager for professionals as it is currently. People are definitely looking for answers to their sexual and relationship issues.

The tantric experiences you will go through and learn, will develop the body's comprehension and the perception to new sensorial aspects that were previously dormant in your body, aspects that were never developed by conventional education or by society as it is.

On the contrary, society tends to block the development of such sensitivity as it is primarily interested in evolving only your intellect.

Your body possesses a whole variety of sensorial possibilities just waiting to be woken up and to flourish. This is the task of the Tantric Therapist: to awaken this latent potential that lies inside every human being.

The Deva Nishok Method of Tantric Therapy is a highly effective process in resolving issues connected to sexuality, emotional and psychological dysfunctions, as well as other difficulties that affect the relation between human beings.

Tantra is the most profound knowledge available to mankind concerning our sexual energy and our vital energy. Its correct usage is responsible for beauty, youth and attraction between sexes. Only Tantra, throughout millenniums, has been bold enough to teach this with the necessary simplicity and purity.

The Tantric Vision of the Metamorfose Center was developed by Deva Nishok after years of research through practices, workshops and individual sessions. It is based on real results.

The credibility and the recognition of our work has been recognized by the media and by thousands of people that were able to reap the benefits of what we do here.

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How the training works

There are 4 modules, one weekend a month, beginning on Friday 7:30pm, finishing on Sunday 5pm, only at the Metamorfose Commune. Besides these 4 modules there are studies and practices that are guided throughout the 4 modules.


After you finish your participation in all 4 modules you will receive a Certificate in Tantric Therapy - Deva Nishok Method, registered and officially recognized by Brazilian law.


When you complete the training you can be invited to join our network of accredited therapists, being able to use our units and practice anywhere in Brazil. The profits are promising.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction to Deva Nishok Method
  • The Tantric Therapy of Journey to the Heart
  • The Bio-electricity
  • The function of the Orgasm
  • Anatomy and Physiology of sexuality
  • Body awareness in the therapeutic process
  • Sensitive massage training
  • Yoni and Lingam massage training
  • G-Spot and P-Spot massage training
  • Supervised massage practices
  • Biodynamic Vibrational Meditation Training
  • Tantric Experience for couples Training
  • Energetic Balance
  • Resonance areas of the therapeutic process
  • Conducting individual session training
  • Conducting couple session training
  • Anamnesis, integration and feedback
  • Therapeutic behavior
  • Transference and counter-transference
  • Bio-safety at work
  • How to prepare your session room
  • Techniques from Tantric Yoga to enhance your work and help the physical and emotional health of the therapist (Mudrá, Púja, Mantra, Pránáyáma, Kríya, Ásanas, Yoganídra and Samyama)
  • Ethics of Tantric Therapy
  • Personal Marketing
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Complementary reading
  • Conclusion and Certificate delivery

Where: Metamorfose Commune

The workshop happens at the Metamorfose Commune, only 74.5 mi (120 km) from São Paulo, in Itapeva/MG. It is located at the top of the Mantiqueira Mountain Range, surrounded by nature and filled with optimal energy for therapeutic work.

The growth provided by living in a community with a therapeutic approach is available to anyone. Here you can work on your personal issues in a deep and profound way, completely immersed in your experience.

“When I arrived at the Commune I felt as if I was in the clouds, in every sense. The wonderful landscape, the warm reception, the outstanding food… Everything here brought a new sense of meaning to my life. I’ll be eternally grateful for all these new references!”
Renata Martins (psychotherapist, 54 years old)

Comuna Metamorfose

A few testimonials...

The manner in which the groups are conducted is the biggest difference at Metamorfose. A place where Tantra has been preserved in its essence in harmony with the processes for each person, with support, confidence, new and infinite possibilities. Tantra is a dissolving of self in surrender, respect, integrity and consciousness. And all of this is the heartbeat of Metamorfose.

Samudra (February / 2015)

The work at Centro Metamorfose made me and makes me grow as a human being. I have so much gratitude for all that I experienced in each work. I always tell everyone who has never experimented or experienced a process at Centro Metamorfose not to miss out on this experience. It is truly enriching and transformative. Today I am a lighter person, the here and now is a part of my being and this brings me happiness to live and peace. The lovingness of the group of people is the highest point and because of this one leaves renovated.

Andrea Gripp (March / 2015)

I have participated in various self help groups and meditative practices, however, no other has comparably had the seriousness and integrity with such sensitivity, support, teachings and experiences as Metamorfose. My congratulations to Deva Nishok and his team.

Egner da Silva (April / 2015)

This course has truly been one of the best things that I have done in my life. I know a practical side to the wonderful Tantric movement. I studied Tantra in England in which I found that it was a contradiction for the Tantra teaching because it was not warm and inviting and was judgmental. I will miss everything and everyone.

M.A (September /2015)

The training in Tantric Therapists as I could see was of excellent quality and held clear ethical boundaries for the formation of therapists. The well experienced facilitators gave a step by step presentation in a practical manner which deepened Deva Nishok Method, which is not restricted to massages, but is a more complex approach of developing the potential of orgasms within people. Without ignoring the very process of learning, the therapists are instrumental in developing quality professionals. I am very grateful for the experience, for the provided learning, for the amazing people with whom I shared and learned. I believe that this is a unique opportunity for those wishing to attend people and groups in a loving and healthy way to experience sexuality and discover tantra.

Margarita Morales (April / 2015)

The certification in Tantric Therapy is of the highest standard. It is differentiated from the many other therapies that I have already participated in. It fills a space that conventional therapies can not do. The “Deva Nishok Method" stands out from other tantric programs because it is made especially for contemporary societies.

Joaquim Sacramento (April / 2015)

I am feeling stronger and learning about myself more and more. There was MVB in the cold swimming pool at midnight of winter (first module). There was the Delerium practice (second module) and had all of this in the third. My girlfriend is accompanying me with all of my discovery and healing processes. I feel very happy with all of this.

Prem Mukto (October / 2014)

As a Tantric Therapist of more than 12 years certified from another institution. I attend in Europe and have never had the opportunity to surrender in a group practice such as Deva Nishok method. This experience has been fantastic, after all this time providing services to my applicants, and now I just want to vibrate in this life force. I hope to participate in other courses and events at Metamorfose. I will spend more time there, since I discovered this amazing family.

Maria Aparecida Strinati (August / 2015)

The work that was done in the first module of the Tantric Therapist training was very well done. It exceeded my expectations from the very beginning, with strong meditations and impacts, the content was given with all pertinent information in a loving, balanced way which integrated the entire group, forming an egregore. We became one family! Many thanks!

Rafaela Abreu (September / 2015)

It was an unforgettable weekend, that reminds me of the best times of my life! The group was beautiful, united, happy and well meshed. I am still numb with each moment lived at the Commune, wanting to scream to the world how happy I am and even hug a post! lol. I still feel the Oxytocin effects, I just want to turn right...Thank you everyone, Nishok, Puja, Kiran, Atimoda, assistants, flowings and those in training! You all changed my life!!!

T. V. (September / 2015)

I don't know if words exist to describe what happened, but I am sure that, only, if one participates in the activities with an open mind it is possible to know exactly what they feel in an event such as this.

Elizabeth Bezerra (Octber / 2015)

This work brings much more than a certification in Tantric Therapy. It is a self therapy, where I realized the importance to move into the pain, express what is in the heart, although it is not known what, nor why it's there, but that we have to laugh, cry, scream, or jump when the body and soul asks, in order to iniciate the alignment process with more serenity and internal peace.

N. C. (October / 2015)

I quit my job as a commercial manager in June and promised that I would return once I found pleasure and satisfaction. Stress took over my life, my work routine, and affected my wife and son. And then I found Metamorfose...and I intend to remain part of this group for the rest of my life. I became certified last Sunday and yesterday I attended my first client.

Aashish Prem (December / 2015)

The training in Tantra Therapy go way beyond the simple certificate and learning of the method. It is a strong process of transformation and breaking of paradigms...non mental processes, truth be told, that has little to do with rational logic is happening within me. I find myself in a state of gratitude.

Thais Santoro (October / 2014)

I am being transformed more each day. I feel infinite gratitude to have Metamorfose in my life. It was and still is an incredible process of behavioral change that is bringing positive things to my personal and professional life. I feel more secure, mature and settled. I am living the best moment of my life and there is more to come!

S. R. (October / 2014)

I returned from the Commune with such certainty that I was following the path of my heart...I want to be a Metamorfose therapist...I want to help heal people who suffer from and feel repressed fears and blockages to be released and freed and continue self healing from this as well...Free...Be...Laugh...Love...Surrender to others...Listen to others...Surrender to what we do...In this moment HERE and NOW...Let the universe flow weaving the beautiful web and being a part of it...BEAUTIFUL WORK...

Adriana Rosa (October / 2014)

I want to express my gratitude and admiration for your work, the entire team is very organized and efficient. It is amazing to discover an experience within a group of this size. This inspires me to work with groups. The redefinition of values is what I want to stress at this time, experiencing sexuality from another perspective is a very deep spiritual healing.

A. A. (January / 2015)

I am an accomplished man: I have a daughter and am grateful every day that she chose to share my path...I had a beautiful childhood, an autonomous adolescence, supportive family: My siblings are always available for me and I am always available for them and we are available for our parents and our relatives...My "problems" began as an adult, and since then, I have not been able to finish cycles: projects, higher learning, dreams unaccomplished, financial concerns...For some years I have felt weakness. Despite being a happy person, I have been feeling sad. I jammed packed myself with work to earn money and forgot to live, to feel. And this is one of the biggest problems that we are confronted with: People no longer feel: fear, all types of violence, impotence...Live to survive and not to LIVE. Today, Lukas Sato, lives his life, feels the world and has a better understanding of his path...This is beautiful.

Lukas Sato (November / 2015)

Many things are happening, which are difficult to write. I vibrated and cried a lot in the Vibrational Meditations. I cried in the yoga classes. I vibrated and cried like never before in the ecstasy total massage, whether I was giving or receiving. In the last case (receiving lingam massage), I had vibrations with circular movements in the abdomen that is unable to be "dry"reproduced. I felt the presence of my mother, who committed suicide in 2010. I felt the origins of my weaknesses and all the difficulties in my relationships with the female sex, albeit mother, sisters, female friends or girlfriends. Some connections were made and began to make sense. When reading the manual given at the end of the module, the inhuman ways men unconsciously treat women and how this is bad for us as well became clear. It weakens us and makes us depend on casual sex. Thank you for eveything I learned.

Augusto Simões (January / 2015)

When I became aware of Metamorfose in March through tantric massage, I never would have imagined that there would be a division of waters in my life! Recently separated, I have been depressed and since the sessions my self esteem has been re-established! I want to take the Therapist Traning course to become a therapist and be instrumental in healing others, whom like me also needs to know this beautiful work! I ended 2015 a new person and owe my change to you Metamorfose! I recommend for everyone to experience tantra and all of the transformations that it could provide! I am eternally grateful to each and everyone that helped turn me into a better human being and I am very happy to be a part of this egregore!!!

T. V. (December / 2015)p>

The Tantric Therapist training was an enriching course It was where I felt and tasted my personal evolution that I was searching for. All of the work was very beautiful and strong. This is a course that should be taken by anyone who is searching for self improvement.

Sadanand Prem (December / 2015)

This course involves diving so deeply that one breaks old paradigms. Experiencing the blossoming of responsible freedom has been incredibly beautiful. When I realize how much I have "transformed (metamorfoseei)"up til now, I am very impressed. lol. Limits have been exceeded, love recognized, and priceless gains made...Each day I feel happier with my decision to listen to my heart and follow this path. Each day I feel more in a state of gratitude for everything I have experienced!

Léia Carvalho (January / 2015)

At first the possibility of joining more than 90 people together naked made me tense and uncomfortabe, even though the professors, namely Nishok, created an atmosphere which was respectful and caring, but it was a tough condition to face. And when the long awaited moment came, the massage exchange, it was incredible because the fear and the tension dissappeared, and until now I dont know where they went, lol, but was able to leave me, my masks and self judgment, everything came off with my clothes and it was liberating. The massage exchanges were healing for me, thus, naturally working on the many issues during the process. The effect is to overcome, give lightness and victory to all that imprisoned me for centuries.

Daniele Sandri (January / 2015)

I used to be a highly sexual person! For such a long time, I thought that this was the only thing I could offer myself and others whom wanted more. I was content with casual relations that were superficial and without compromise. The training for Tantric Therapist is much more than a wish to be a therapist, it is also a process of healing. I am learning to forgive myself for every wrong I've done to myself and others in the past years. I hurt people whom really loved me because of fear of leaving my comfort zone and taking on some type of relationship. The dynamics made me get closer from the person I was hiding and hurting. I deserve to connect with her and those around me deserve to know her.

Flor Café (February / 2015)


Puja PuranPuja Puran

She is an Instructor for the Tantric Therapist Training, Certification in Breathing Integrated Therapies, Journey to the Hearts in South America and Temaskal Tantra.

In the last 10 years, she has dedicated herself to studying, living and working on the healing of body, energetic and vibratory processes.

Deva Puja has the capacity to work with all modalities of the Deva Nishok Tantric Massage, certified also in Ayurvedic Yoga Massage, Psychosomatic Integration Massage, Emotional Anatomy, Energetic Cleansing and balancing with Crystals, Reiki and Vibrational Therapies.

Puja is currently developing within the Red Path and is studying and developing body expressive work through dance, singing, percussion and manual arts.

Ayama (Roy)Ayama (Roy)

Terapeuta corporal, renascedor, músico e DJ, teólogo por formação acadêmica com especializações em filosofia, religiões, música e literatura. Facilitador da Capacitação para Terapeutas Tântricos e de workshops de Tantra e Terapias Integradas de Respiração. Co-criador da Experiência Kairós e do curso: "Música e expressão no processo terapêutico. Já participou de mais de 60 grupos de desenvolvimento e formações em Tantra pela Comunna Metamorfose. Como terapeuta, atua com todas as abordagens utilizadas na Comunna (Terapias de Respiração, Renascimento, Terapêutica Tântrica e Massagens).

Upcoming Groupslimited spaces!

May Group - last call !

Module 1 – May 20th, 21st and 22nd
Module 2 – June 24th, 25th and 26th
Module 3 – July 29th, 30th e 31st
Module 4 – August 26th, 27th and 28th
Between-modules – studies and practices guided via internet

September Group - open registration

Module 1 - September 23rd, 24th and 25th
Module 2 - October 21st, 22nd and 23rd
Module 3 - November 18th, 19th and 20th
Module 4 - December 16th, 17th and 18th
Between-modules – practices and guided studies via internet


Each module begins Friday at 7:30PM and finishes Sunday at 5PM

  • Hours per Module: 22 hours
  • Hours of work: 110 hours
  • Investment

    Valor (incluído os 4 módulos):
    R$ 7.565 à vista (15% de desconto)
    ou R$ 8.900 em até 12x no cartão de crédito
    Reciclagem: R$ 990 por módulo

    • Inclui alimentação e acomodação para os 4 módulos
    • Inclui apostilas e Certificado de Capacitação após a conclusão da carga horária total (110 horas)
    • Não inclui o kit de terapeutas para as massagens (óleo de massagem, cápsula vibratória, toalha, lençol e luvas). O aluno deve adquirir o seu próprio material para uso posterior após a Capacitação e também para realizar as trocas durante o aprendizado (os kits podem ser adquiridos em nossa loja física na Comunna)
    • Reciclagem sujeito a disponibilidade de vagas

    Guarantee your space!

    It is required to complete an application prior to participation.
    If you have any doubts, you can reach our producer. It will be a pleasure speaking with you!

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