“Life should be a continuous celebration, a festival of lights throughout the year. Only then you can evolve, you can blossom. Turn little things into celebration… Everything you do should express yourself, should carry your signature. Then, life becomes a continuous celebration.”


2015 / 2016 Festival Activities - the activities for this year will be updated soon! :)

Dezembro23 Sábado

16:00Check-in17:00Abertura e Boas-vindasDeva Nishok e Staff19:30Jantar21:30SatSong - Experiência KairósAtimoda, Ayama e Mallika

Dezembro24 Domingo

07:00Lian GongPrem Siddhana08:00Café-da-manhã09:30Expressão CorporalDeva Kiran13:30Almoço14:30Livre16:00Dança dos Blocos AfroDeva Kiran18:00Kundalini (Veeresh)Prem Beeja20:00Ceia de Natal22:00Cerimônia de GratidãoDeva Nishok23:00Dance CelebrationAyama

Dezembro25 Segunda-feira

08:00Café-da-manhã09:30Caminhada para a Pedra ChataDeva Kiran11:30Vipassana na GrutaDeva Kiran12:00Banho de piscina natural14:00Almoço15:00Livre16:30Heart ChakraPrem Beeja19:30Jantar21:30Dance CelebrationAyama

Dezembro26 Terça-feira

07:00Relaxamento CorporalDeva Kiran08:00Café-da-manhã09:30KairósMalika, Ayama e Atimoda12:00Kundalini DanceAyama13:30Almoço14:30Livre16:30Meditação Caminhos do CoraçãoDeva Kiran18:00Meditação AtivaDeva Geeta19:30Jantar21:30Fogueira MusicalStaff Metamorfose

Dezembro27 Quarta-feira

07:00Ba Duan JingPrem Siddhana08:00Café-da-manhã09:30Sugestão da Última PalavraDeva Kiran11:00Kundaline UpAyama13:30Almoço14:30Livre16:00RenascimentoPrem Beeja18:30Danças CircularesAysha Almeé19:30Jantar21:00VivênciaDeva Nishok

Dezembro28 Quinta-feira

07:00Qi GongPrem Siddhana08:00Café-da-manhã09:00Expressão CorporalAysha Almeé10:30TanteatroEvandro Palma13:30Almoço14:30Livre16:30Respiração PrimalDeva Nishok19:30Jantar21:00Laboratório de SensitiveAyama

Dezembro29 Sexta-feira

07:00Xian GongPrem Siddhana08:00Café-da-manhã09:30Montagem TemaskalBhairava, Puja e Atimoda13:30Almoço14:30Livre16:30TemaskalBhairava, Puja e Atimoda19:30Jantar21:00VivênciaDeva Nishok

Dezembro30 Sábado

07:00AcroYoga RelaxanteDhyan Raghu08:00Café-da-manhã09:30Poderes do Feminino e MasculinoAysha e Puja13:30Almoço14:30Livre16:30Mandala de Yoga (com massagem)Dhyan Raghu18:00CorporáculoAysha Almeé19:30Jantar21:30Festa à Fantasia

Dezembro31 Domingo

08:00Café-da-manhã09:30Yoga VivênciaDhyan Raghu11:00Chakra BreathingDeva Kiran13:30Almoço16:00Dinâmica da RealizaçãoDeva Puja19:30Ceia de Ano Novo21:30Cerimônia do FogoDeva Nishok00:00Queima de Fogos e Festa de Ano Novo

Janeiro1 Segunda-feira

09:00Café-da-manhã10:30EncerramentoDeva Nishok14:00Almoço15:00Livre16:00Sarau ArtísticoAyama19:30Jantar

Some schedule highlights...

Meetings with Deva Nishok

Everyday, the General Coordinator and founder of Metamorfose Center - Deva Nishok - will be available for interacting with the Festival guests, be it for a chit-chat, a celebration, a meditation or any other activity.

A Laboratory of Human Expression

An experience to awaken you creative potential different from anything you have ever seen. It uses a mixture of techniques and improvisation that molds the practice according to the intuition and the sensitivity of the group.

Primal Painting Lab

An experience for us to enter in contact with simple and sacred aspects of ourselves as well as to use body paint to recover our ancestry.

Sensitive Massagem and Touch Labs

Let's explore within a group, a very special dynamic, of subtle touches to awaken the bio-electricity of love.

Temazcal - Sweat Lodge

An Indigenous experience, the Temazcal is a sacred sauna, that puts us in contact with the humid heat of Mother Earths womb. An integration and purification ceremony of the body and spirit through .

Active Meditations

Active meditations help us become aware of the here and now, bringing us to a state of observer of the mind, separating our very essence from our ego. The Festival will have daily active meditations, so we can start the new year with rejuvenated energy.

Sarau and Musical Encounters

We have a lot of music, a lot of dancing and lots of artistic demonstrations, open and spontaneous to beautify the Festival days and nights - bring your personal instruments, your favorite poems and we will show you the artist that resides in you.

Sacred Gathering of the Feminine

The dancer Aysha Almée - inspired by her Workshop 'Powers of the Feminine' - will lead a ritual for all the women in the Festival with music, dance and fire, to reactivate the sacred feminine aspects which every women possesses..

Pranayamas at Pedra Chata (Flat Rock)

A nature walk uphill filled with Yogic breathing exercises that presents us with a great spot to gaze upon the marvelous landscape of the Mantiqueira Mountain Range where we will meditate in a cave with the possibility to swim in a natural swimming pool!

Primal Breathing

A powerful breathing technique to tune you into nature's energy and to connect you to your inner power animal. It access emotional contents and puts you face to face with traumas, blockages and limiting concepts, bringing resolutions at an energetic and emotional level.

Tantric Yoga

Almost every day of the Festival we will have a Tantric Yoga practice, to bring body, mind and soul together, filling us with vitality and consciousness for the rest of the days practices.

Kids Area

Children can also enjoy the Festival! We'll have a special schedule for kids and teenagers, that includes nature walks, horse rides, playing in the open air, artistic activities, fun and games, and much more :)

Christmas Celebration

We normally spend Christmas with our family. This year we will gather to celebrate the great union of the Metamorfose Family. Bring your family to celebrate with ours! We'll have a special dinner and a huge celebration.

New Year's Eve

Bringing in the New Year will be the highlight of this festival. We'll have the Fire Ritual with Deva Nishok, bringing and transmuting the energy of all the encounters we’ve had at the Commune throughout the year, a delicious dinner, masquerade ball and fireworks!

Location: Metamorfose Commune

The Metamorfose Commune is located at the top of Serra da Mantiqueira mountain, with stunning views, only 74.5mi (120 km) from Sao Paulo. It is a therapeutic center in which throughout the whole year spiritual and healing works take place, creating a strong energetic field for overcoming and transformation. Get to know about Commune clicking here.

The Festival weaves together a little bit of the magic of every one of our workshops. Space is limited to 150 people per day. Come participate in this huge celebration!

View photographs of previous festivals!

Some pics of our first days of Festival...the party has begun!

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