Rebirthing in the Mountains

Integrated Breathing Therapies

“In 50 years of professional activity, with several searches and experiences, Circular Breathing seems to be the best technique to solve anyone’s emotional problems, and no matter what the problem is, the continuous practice stimulates a continuous process of change.”

José Ângelo Gaiarsa

Have you ever noticed that, every time you face a strong feeling of fear or pain, unconsciously you hold your breath? On the other hand, when there is a strong feeling of joy and happiness your breathing becomes more expansive, deep and relaxed.

Our body holds its own memories. Feelings, thoughts and traumatic emotions experienced throughout our lives stay registered as tension in our bodies, blocking the flow of energy, thus affecting our vitality.

Rebirthing and Integrated Breathing Techniques are simple yet powerful techniques of conscious, connected (circular) breathing. These techniques are capable of breaking the patterns of old behaviors, established and sustained by a low flux of vital energy, opening space for a new quality of life, with a higher level of consciousness, perception and well-being.

Take a deep breath!
and let it go, little by little...

Everything that breathes is alive,
and everything alive changes.
I inhale - I expand - bringing to me - rebirth.
I exhale - I contract - surrendering to the other - I die.

In its very essence, breathing represents the state of being impermanent. It never stops, just for a few moments. Breathing is the glue that ties us all together, we are unified by oxygen.

Breathing takes away the feeling of isolation and being disconnected from others. Breathing connects us through air. The lungs are the organ responsible for this connection.

Breathing represents the relation, how we relate with ourselves, with others, with life itself. It represents the quality of the relationship.

After breathing for the first time, we are anchored on planet Earth. Breathing is a great anchor to awake the consciousness. The consciousness of us being free!

Mauricio Bastos

How can we express the natural flow of love if unconscious memories of traumas, tensions and everyday stress consume a great amount of our energy? Wouldn’t it be good if we could take hold of all our sacred potential, which in some point in our lives, even from our own birth suffered from interferences or energy blockages?

Many of us live outwardly, with our minds reliving the past and worried about the future. With Connected, Circular Breathing we reach another dimension of non time, in the present, where we encounter the beauty of discovering all the presence of our soul.

As we keep breathing in a connected manner, increasing our body energy, we have the possibility of freeing ourselves from fear, sadness, anguish, hurts, limitations and anxieties, feelings that might have never been brought to consciousness.

With less blockages, the senses expand and it is possible to see beyond our limited, robotic, everyday vision. The results? A huge feeling of well being and a strong, deep connection with our very essence.

What are the benefits?

  • Overcome traumas and emotional blocks
  • Capacity to develop creative and healthy thoughts
  • Recovery of self-esteem and the joy of living
  • Determination and strength and to make decisions
  • Increase of body energy
  • Regularize organic functions
  • Change limiting patterns of behavior

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Deva NishokDeva Nishok

Over 30 years of experience with energetic process of balancing and healing. He is specialized coach in relationships and human sexuality, certified through Sociedade Brasileira de Coaching. Nishok is a professional Kinesiology Pratictioner e offers courses in Tantra, Tantric Massage, Body Integration, Vertebral Therapy, Chakra Balancing and meditation groups.

Deva Nishok created his own methodology of sensorial and energetic massage called Sensitive, Extase Total, Lingan Massage, Yoni Massage, G-Spot Massage and P-Spot Massage, that are specific to Metamorfose and unique in the world. He was an editor and producer of Jornal Metamorfose - Caminhos para a Transformação (Metamorfose Newpaper - Path to Transformation). Nishok also has many certificates in Integrated Therapies of Breathing and Rebirthing. He is a facilitator of personal development groups such as O Caminho do Amor (Journey to the Heart), Melting (The Oceanic Experience), among others.

Currently, Deva Nishok is the general coordinator of Comunna Metamorfose.

Puja PuranPuja Puran

She is an Instructor for the Tantric Therapist Training, Certification in Breathing Integrated Therapies, Journey to the Hearts in South America and Temaskal Tantra.

In the last 10 years, she has dedicated herself to studying, living and working on the healing of body, energetic and vibratory processes.

Deva Puja has the capacity to work with all modalities of the Deva Nishok Tantric Massage, certified also in Ayurvedic Yoga Massage, Psychosomatic Integration Massage, Emotional Anatomy, Energetic Cleansing and balancing with Crystals, Reiki and Vibrational Therapies.

Puja is currently developing within the Red Path and is studying and developing body expressive work through dance, singing, percussion and manual arts.

Shantideva (Osmar)Shantideva (Osmar)

Terapeuta Tântrico e Renascedor. É coordenador da Unidade Belo Horizonte da Comunna Metamorfose (Kaya Terapias), e facilitador dos grupos Melting, Delerium, O Caminho do Amor, Renascimento nas Montanhas, dentre outros.

Participa do Programa Pathwork de Transformação Pessoal (PPTP).

Anand Saraha (Adeh)Anand Saraha (Adeh)

Terapeuta Corporal e Renascedora, com formação pela Comunna Metamorfose. Utiliza o Método Deva Nishok de Massagem Tântrica para proporcionar estados alterados de Percepção e Consciência através das técnicas de Terapêutica Tântrica, Sensitive Massagem, Êxtase Total Massagem, Yoni, Massagem, Lingam Massagem e P-Spot Massagem.

Facilitadora da Delerium - Treinamento Multiorgástico para Casais - e Instrutor de Cursos de Massagem Tântrica.

Vitor ShivVitor Shiv

Terapeuta Corporal Tântrico e Renascedor formado em Renascimento (Rebirthing) e Terapias Integradas de Respiração pela Comunna Metamorfose. Certificado em todas as modalidades de massagem do Método Deva Nishok, atendendo mulheres, homens e casais, de todas as orientações sexuais. Mestre em Reiki tradicional, possui também formações em técnicas de cura quânticas.

Credenciado desde 2012, utiliza a Terapêutica Tântrica para proporcionar a ressignificação do potencial orgástico, reequilíbrio físico, mental, emocional e desenvolvimento bioelétrico. Facilitador da Delerium - Treinamento Multiorgástico para Casais - e Instrutor de Cursos de Massagem Tântrica nas modalidades individual e em grupo.


Terapeuta facilitadora dos workshops: O Caminho do Amor, Arte de Pompoar: Criação, Criatividade e Prazer (para mulheres), Campo de Meditação, Curso de Massagem Tântrica, Respiração Integrada e Grupos Semanais de Meditação Ativa no Espaço Shiva Shakti/Vila Mariana.

Desde 2009 estuda práticas de harmonização e bem-estar integral - Mestre Reiki e Karuna Reiki, terapeuta de Rometria/Cura Quântica, Apometria Quântica, Cura Prânica, Florais e Sushô. Formação em Publicidade (Belas Artes-SP), certificada em Psicobiofísica (PUC-SP), graduanda em Fisioterapia (FMU-SP) e estuda Saúde Quântica, Nutrição, Coaching e PNL. Trabalhou quase 10 anos em formação profissional e eventos de marketing farmacêutico até a transição de sua carreira.

Atua com a terapias para expansão da consciência humana e desenvolvimento pessoal através de workshops de meditativos e sessões individuais.

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