What is Tantra?

by Deva Nishok


Tantra is a broad term, used by ancient spirituality students in India to designate some very special teachings and practices based on an older society. As time went by, these teachings spread, intermingling with many other cultures, philosophies and religious chains of thought, such as Hinduism, Vedanta, Yoga, Buddhism, Taoism, and so on.

Tantra today embraces a large series of beliefs and practices in which, most of the times, is antagonistic and contradictory.

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In the west, Tantra spread and became popular among mysticism adepts, esotericists, magic rituals, as well as schools connected to names like Aleister Crowley or Samael Aun Weor, or some secret societies like golden Dawn, Gnosis and others. Most of these teachings skewed the Original Vision of Tantra, adding some difficulties in comprehending its deeper meaning.

In the west, Neotantra arose in the mid 60’s - a movement that remains quite alive till this day. Connected to the New Age culture, it was seen as a popularization of tantric teachings, adapted to new therapeutic movements, such as Bio-energy, Primal, Pulsation, Rebirthing and Indian Master Osho’s meditations, Osho, specially created for the western way of life.

This modern and updated view, spread by the clear and concise words of Osho, is one of the closest practices of the Original Tantra meditations, even though it has been persecuted because of the liberal sexuality it presents.

The Neotantra movement also diverged from the existentialists principles of the Original Tantra, a path to access your creative, energetic potential that lies on mankind that is still germinating, but about to bloom, as soon as it finds appropriate conditions

There are several works on Tantra that does not give a clear comprehension of the extraordinary legacy of what it represents, and ends up dangerously distorting concepts, banalizing sex and encouraging the game of seduction in relationships, as if this is the goal of Tantra.

Tantra has its fair share of moral failure, even in India and Tibet. From drug addicts to alcoholics, from perverts to sexual deviants, many fake gurus and masters open their meeting and seduction centers for exploitation under the vague definition of "Tantra". Tantra, then, became an easy way out, a scape goat for moral and sexual degenerates.

Even in its native country, tantric teachings became discredited, because of the undiscriminated connection of its principles with the practice of liberal, superficial sex. In the Original Tantra, the goal of every practice is to bring everyone to something called “The Oceanic Experience”.

The Original Tantra provides a Systemic View, a new way to interact with other life forms - even those from other dimensions. The key to enter in connection with other life forms, biological or not, comes down to a neuromuscular discharge of bio-energy, releasing large amounts of energy with consequent expansion of the mind. This very experience happens when we have a normal orgasm, but in much smaller proportions.

Tantric practices amplify the liberation and expansion of energy, bringing along with the experience a new state of consciousness and perception. The result can be seen in everyday life, in which the person just enters a new state of mind; much more loose, relaxed and playful, based on ecstasy, pleasure and joy, offering an interchange of energy similar to dance and games (Leela, in sanscrit).

All of these experiences allow the person to live in this expansion beyond his or her own limits, dissolving negative, repressive conditionings to enter a state of happiness, connected with the whole.

In Tantra, the union of the genitals and the consequent orgastic discharge, even though it can be powerfully experienced, is second to the final goal, which is to reach the transcending state of unifying the masculine and the feminine, called the Unio Mystica (Mystical Union).

Those who reach this form of sexuality experience the absence of biological noise within a complex system, which is spiritual, spontaneous and natural. Within this aspect, a few components are crucial for one to comprehend the original and truthful meaning of the Original Tantra, without which this existential system and its correlation with the Sacred remains incomplete.

The Original Tantra cannot be found in books or texts, as Yoga and Buddhism adepts usually say. Its origin is the very source of life. You need to reach it by living it, through experience, and that means going through dynamics and meditations alone or in a group.

It is like a transcendent connection to the source of life and the living, which is accessible and available to anyone, because you do not have to be privileged. You do not have to have strict or secluded practices. On the contrary, Tantra is very social, there are no needs for rituals or religious attire.

Tantra is simple and only requests simplicity from its practitioner. The existential humanistic system present in Tantra requires trust, surrender, deep relaxation, love and compassion so that the altered state of awareness and perception could lead to the experience of superconsciousness. Tantra offers to the individual an opportunity to expand his or her consciousness regardless of their culture or religion.

The essence of tantric teachings can be found in our most intimate nature, our primary and enlightened state, which is our inherent potential. These teachings are free of karma, but are still oppressed by social barriers, beliefs, fear and disconnection from our inner source. Our primordial state is not something that has to be built or conquered, but something existing since the beginning, and enjoys the same wisdom and intelligence that shapes the universe and permeates nature.

Humans have lost contact with this natural wisdom in our day to day struggle to survive. Tantra gathers all that is necessary to reconnect us with this original source, where life emanates and species develop.

Deva Nishok

We recommend careful consideration to everyone that is interested in initiating their Tantra practice. Seek information from people who have already participated in our work for adequate information about the suitability of the groups and whether it is really what you need.

Tantra is a development of the self, a way to transcend, to improve your way of life. Be cautious when there is an offer of free, purposeless sex that is offered with no meaning whatsoever by people disguised as therapists and that use the name of Tantra to spread misinformation.

Metamorfose Center is a school where we teach how to develop your sexuality according to the principles of the Tantric Vision of the Journey to the Heart. We don’t offer sex. Our accredited therapists are guides of the human sexuality and our goal is to help men and women to dive into the knowledge of their own bodies, dealing with their sexual energy in a instructive and therapeutic manner.