Tantra for Couples

Deva Nishok Method

Couple shares there tantra experience
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Many couples have difficulties, limitations and conditioning that does not allow them to experience pleasure, intimacy and orgasm in its fullness.

Fears and insecurities, excessive shyness, embarrassment, blame or recrimination can jeopardize a relationship. Add to this the lack of knowledge concerning the body, the body's physiology and its reactions. Another issue is when one or both suffer from sexual dysfunction such as anorgasmia (lack of orgasm), problems with libido, low self-esteem, premature ejaculation, impotence, vaginismus or sexual pain (dyspareunia). These issues hinder or impede a harmonious relationship.

Conventional treatment are limited and oftentimes do not help. Many of these problems affect confidence, jeopardizing the ability to surrender to pleasure and orgasm.

Through the Deva Nishok Method of Tantric therapy, and in particular, the Delerium: Multi-orgastic Training for Couples, couples learn the art of touch and the use of the senses as leverage to achieve greater awareness and sensitivity, strengthening the bond of the couple, of love, and of friendship. They also develop their sensory and orgasmic capacity, by toning the sexual muscles, and expanding their capacity to try and sustain higher levels of pleasure.

Our goals:

  • Bring greater body awareness.
  • Understand you and your partners anatomy.
  • Awaken dormant sensory regions.
  • Connect the voice, expression, communication and conscious breathing to the sensations that are experienced.
  • Recognize and control arousal states in order to adjust to the experience or your partner's rate.
  • Raise the energy in an upward spiral, paving the way for more volume and more intense orgasms.
  • Raise awareness to several muscle groups, while amplifying the muscles related to orgasm.
  • Enhance the conditioning of the ejaculatory muscles, intra-vaginal and clitoral muscles, preparing them for greater volume of orgasms and multiple orgasms for men and women.
  • Recognize the various pleasure points through the senses.
  • Move and mobilize the energy (Sahaja) intentionally and consciously.
  • Increase intimacy, surrender and trust, restoring the relationship.

We recommend to couples who want an effective development, to participate in Multiorgastic Training , and also go through the sensory development process proposed by the Deva Nishok massage method.

Choose a credentialed therapist that can offer personal guidance on your development and monitor your progress. The sessions and the experiences can be individual or in Tantra workshops. Individual appointments are private, and the workshops are in groups of 20 to 50 people.

Our therapists are specially trained to provide the proper knowledge of the body and its energetic physiology, which will allow you to achieve greater fulfillment in relationships. Beyond this, our therapists are trained in helping with the curing of male and female sexual dysfunctions.

The ideal is to follow the proposed sequence by Metamorfose Center. A common mistake that people make is skipping the steps, which aim at preparing the body for better results. Starting with massages: Sensitive Massage, Total Ecstasy Massage and Lingam Massage (male) or Yoni massage (female), P-Spot Massage (male) and G-Spot Massage (female). After receiving massages in this sequence, the tip is: learn the techniques, take courses with a trusted therapist.

For couples seeking social, affective and emotional development through Tantra, we suggest that you also participate in the Workshop Journey to the Heart - which is a group coordinated by people who have already traveled this path. We do not think it correct to say that there are teachers in Tantra, people who have traveled this path and who already know this work, can help guide others to the point where they have been, what they have already developed.

There is no sexual contact between men and women, nor body exposure, in the Journey to the Heart workshop. One must first understand what shapes daily male and female behavior. When a person represses sexual issues, the result is a huge affect with their behavior, their vitality and their emotions.

The Tantric experience is known as the Oceanic Experience, a huge orgasm of extracorporeal proportions that triggers a series of reflex mechanisms, placing people in a dimension of love, compassion and ecstasy recognized as a spiritual dimension. Hence, to say that Tantra transcends ordinary sexuality, also being a spiritual path.

The meditations and group practices lead the couple to experience the universal cosmic fusion, helping them to avoid the fear of death and separation. The life, death and rebirth experiences offered in the groups and tantric meditations at Metamorfose Center, elevate participants to a state of love and compassion, the wanting and the desire to share. This is the result of diving into the Oceanic Experience.

Anyone who approaches Tantra will see immediate benefits. The results of the meditations are immediate. They are perceived at that moment and perpetuate biologically, settling in the persons body, in the form of memory through vegetative reflexes, changing behavior, consistent with the desires of the heart…

Even if the person does not have a complete understanding of the teachings, contact with the practices will help the person have more health, vitality and centeredness, creating a more harmonious and passionate life.

Tantra is the deepest knowledge that exists about sexual energy, vital energy. Its proper use is responsible for beauty, youth and attraction between the sexes. Only Tantra, through the millennia, has dared to teach this with the simplicity, the purity and depth that the lessons need to be taught.

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Important note: The Methods developed by Deva Nishok are applied exclusively by accredited therapists of Metamorfose Center, listed on our site. If you want to feel the difference that our method makes, assured with trust and seriousness that our work achieved over the years, make sure that the professional is actually authorized.

Unfortunately, many irresponsible professionals say that they are part of Metamorfose Center, including imitating our websites content for illicit purposes. Be aware!

Deva Nishok is always recycling and updating his techniques based on his observations and research. The vibrational state characteristical of Deva Nishok Method began to be researched in 1996 and today is in evolution, improving itself. The accredited therapists are experienced and certified by the Training as a Tantric Therapist offered by Metamorfose Center. The certificate can be recognized by the stamps.

It is worth remembering that work with sexuality is subject to severe risks such as contamination by sexually transmitted diseases, the use of inadequate equipment for the work which are not properly sterilized, as well as other contamination issues. The accredited professionals of Metamorfose Center follow bio-security protocols which protect the client and therapist for risks of contamination.

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