Tantra For Men

Deva Nishok Method

Men have learned that sex is a flow of energy acquired by rapid movements on/with his penis. In general, the discovery of orgasm is through masturbation. So, man understood that pattern procedure for a sexual act is the same: penetrate the vagina and copulate fast to achieve the ejaculatory discharge of pleasure.

Pornographic movies, usual source of learning content for majority of men, usually show images and situations absurdly inappropriate for the reality of relationships. There, women are usually insulted, degraded, defamed and violated in every way. Penetration is vulgarized and man isn’t orientated to treat adequately female body in a way to guide her to a real situation of pleasure and orgasm. The man doesn’t comprehend those made scenes were fake and they are only there to instigate the market interests by fast moving consumer.

The way sex is made in social environment doesn’t allow it to include affection, the look, the smell, physical contact without genital penetration. On the contrary, men and women believe sex is penetration, a combination of genitals and ejaculation. Without those factors, we were taught the sexual act doesn’t happen.

To the Tantric View of Path of Love, we learn and develop at Metamorfose Center, affection, care, mutual respect, attention, dedication, the look and all physical senses are integrated as a path to escape of the primitive, instinctive and animal influence that take part of sexual energy.

We learn it is possible share this energy with much more intensity if we use the affection components and our senses to promote altered states of perception and consciousness, which empower the experiences of orgasms, pleasure and ecstasy.

In primitive sex, the man uses ejaculation in order to relax and relieve from tension. That’s why man experiment the lost of vitality after the sexual act, feeling tired and devitalized. In Tantra, the man learn affectivity, how to share, to give and receive, to evolve toward new limits beyond obsessed compulsion and perverse penetration.

Our goal, at Metamorfose Center, is teaching man some methodologies applied by Tantra to mobilize energy upwards and away from the groin area, where it usually stays in regular conventional sex. Elevating the energy upwards, the man experiment more vitality and became capable of sustain the potential of pleasure and make the orgasm last longer.

Energetically elevation provides increasing in creativity and interaction with other aspects related to tantric sexuality as a way to access new conditions intrinsic to the man kind, of transcendence and altered states of perception and consciousness.

That’s the spiritual aspect of Tantric Vision of Path of Love.

It is fundamental the man who comes to Metamorfose Center, doesn’t come over with sexual intention. Our Center isn’t a gentleman’s club and our therapists aren’t prostitutes. So, men who are searching for a place to satisfy their sexual instincts are not welcome over here.

Our work is dedicated to those who are really searching for a learning and development of their sexual energy mobility, understanding how to vitalize themselves and elevate the energy, sustaining it longer. That can only be achieved when on take a passive, receptive action into Deva NIshok Method.

Our Tantra Groups doesn’t have sexual purposes, despite many other places around. The big issue out there is people usually spend time and money to learn something that can help them, but instead, they only find meetings of free sex, practiced by people who don’t have any special knowledge that could enhance anyone who are discovering or searching about tantra.

At Metamorfose Center, men gives us feedbacks after their sessions saying they experimented new potentials of body energy, new sensations never felt before with clarity, they feel a change in their values and conception related to pleasure, orgasm and to the electric potential of the body.

Our therapeutic approach of Tantra has helped countless men who seek to discover the true values of their bodies and their inner essence. Men never experienced body and genital pleasure with that intensity, free of the commitment that regular sexual context involves.

Our work offers a significant level of body new knowledge and energy related to the body and pleasure. That’s an excellent tool of self-development.

Our work is indicated for men who really want to deepen their knowledge of their body and energy, specially those who suffer from premature ejaculation and various levels of sexual impotence, or even men who has difficulties related to feeling pleasure or connecting with the sensorial aspects of their body.

What kind of benefits man can experiment with Deva Nishok Method?

  • Learn how to be more open and confident in relation to others.
  • Meet and share the feminine universe, with creativity and love in a free and responsible way to interact with them.
  • Get to know the sensorial aspects of your body and of the female body, learning how to obtain better results in order to mobilize pleasure and the orgasm, which find resonance in himself.
  • Enhance your performance and develop new abilities related to your sexuality .
  • Cure premature ejaculation and or difficulties with erection.
  • Get to know alternative methods to deal with impotence.
  • Discover new perspectives of Orgasms: Dry Orgasms, Multiple Orgasms, Valley Orgasms, Continuous Orgasms, Whole Body Orgasms and the Marvelous Oceanic Experience, Unio Mystica Orgasm (communion fusion between Male and Female.
  • The Tantric Experience is repercussive and expands the satisfaction and the pleasure for other areas of your life.
  • Gain better body conscious.
  • Gain better awareness both you and your partner’s anatomy.
  • Awake sensorial regions of your body.
  • Connect the voice, expression, communication, conscious breathing to the sensations you experiment.
  • Recognize and control the excitement states and fit them to your partner’s rhythm.
  • Mobilize the spiral energy upwards, preparing the volume and the orgasmic intensity.
  • Sensitize many muscle groups altogether, expanding the range of related muscles with the orgasm.
  • Enhancing the conditioning of ejaculatory muscles, preparing them to achieve larger amounts of orgasms and multiple orgasms.
  • Recognize the many pleasure spots, using the senses.
  • Mobilize and move the energy in a conscious way (Sahaja) intentionally.
  • Increase the intimacy, the surrender and the trust, while improving your relationship.

It’s huge the number of men struggling with to have a relationship and satisfactory intercourse. Women complains a lot about male inability and men, in turn, simply don’t know what to do, little or nothing they know about female anatomy, where clitoris is located and its purpose, where Grafenberg’s glans are, how it make the sexual muscles get swollen and enlarged, how to analyze and evaluate the signs of the energetic increase and how to keep it until achieve an orgasm.

Most men are notoriously incapable of delivering orgasms to women. Aspects like fear, insecurity, anxiety, shyness are obstacles that compromise the relationships. Added to this, the lack of knowledge of the body, of physiology and their consequences.

The sexual dysfunctions are common problems for most men, especially premature ejaculation and the difficulties to sustain the erection (sexual potency).

Using our trainings, men learn the art of touch, using their senses as leverage for greater awareness and sensibility, strengthening the bonds of fellowship, love and friendship.

The therapists credentialed by Metamorfose Center are specially trained to offer the adequate knowledge of the body and the energetic physiology which will allow you achieve higher plenitude in your relationships. We recommend men who want initiate their sensorial development the following guide:

Choose the credentialed therapist who can give you the personal information about your own development and be with you during your development process. The sessions and the experiences can happen individually or in Tantra Workshops . The individual sessions are private and gives you more efficient and faster results.

For better results, it’s indicated initiate the process with the massages in this sequence: Sensitive Massage, Total Ecstasy, Lingam Massage and P-Spot Massage. After receiving the massage, it’s important learn the technique, doing the courses. After that, you’ll be ready for Delerium - Multi-orgastic training. It’s recommended participate in our Tantra Workshops, and there, men and women can meet adequate partners who share their tantric beliefs. Ideally you should find partners who accept sharing meditations and experiences that are proposed in groups, as a way to develop their tantric ability in many aspects, related to the personal life.

Tantra – The Journey to the Heart – is a path that can be accomplished with the help of people who already travelled this path. It’s not correct to say there are masters in Tantra, people who had run this path and who know it can help guiding you.

In Tantra – The Journey to the Heart, the fusion between man and woman doesn’t happen, as in common sexual union, because there is not sex involved in that context, not even the exposition of the body. Firstly it’s necessary knowing male and female principles, which models many parts of a trivial behavior. When one oppresses his/her sexual issues, as a result comes a huge affectation in his/her behavior, vitality and emotions.

The Tantric Experience is known as Oceanic Experience, a huge orgasm of extra-body proportion which triggers a series of reflex structures, putting people in a dimension of love, compassion and ecstasy as a spiritual dimension. Hence to say Tantra transcends ordinary sexuality, identifying it as a spiritual path as well.

Meditation and its group practices guide the couple to experiment the universal cosmic fusion, dropping off them fear of death and separation. The experiences of life, death and rebirthing, offered in the groups and tantric meditations of Metamorfose Center, lifts the participant to a state of Love and Compassion, kindness and desire to share. That’s the result of diving into the Oceanic Experience.

Whomever works with Tantra will receive its benefits immediately. Those results are noticed in that exact moment, fixed into the person’s body, as a memory, through vegetative reflex, changing the behavior, in a coherent way to the heart’s desires…

Even the person doesn’t integrate for him/herself the whole comprehension of the teachings, the contact with the practices will help him/her to have a better health, vitality and centering, to create a harmonious and passionate life.

Tantra is the deepest knowledge that exists over sexual energy, the vital energy. Its proper use it’s responsible for beauty, youth and attraction between the sexes. Only Tantra, through the millennia, has dare to teach this with simplicity, purity and depth that lessons need to be passed.

Improve the quality of your relationships!

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Important note: The Methods developed by Deva Nishok are applied exclusively by accredited therapists of Metamorfose Center, listed on our site. If you want to feel the difference that our method makes, assured with trust and seriousness that our work achieved over the years, make sure that the professional is actually authorized.

Unfortunately, many irresponsible professionals say that they are part of Metamorfose Center, including imitating our websites content for illicit purposes. Be aware!

Deva Nishok is always recycling and updating his techniques based on his observations and research. The vibrational state characteristical of Deva Nishok Method began to be researched in 1996 and today is in evolution, improving itself. The accredited therapists are experienced and certified by the Training as a Tantric Therapist offered by Metamorfose Center. The certificate can be recognized by the stamps.

It is worth remembering that work with sexuality is subject to severe risks such as contamination by sexually transmitted diseases, the use of inadequate equipment for the work which are not properly sterilized, as well as other contamination issues. The accredited professionals of Metamorfose Center follow bio-security protocols which protect the client and therapist for risks of contamination.

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