Tantra for Pregnant Women

Deva Nishok Method

For years Metamorfose Center has researched the practices of treating pregnant women and the effects that the massages have on the child’s intrauterine development.

Our experience shows that working with sexual energy contributes to the the enrichment of stimulus' connected with pleasure, confidence and orgasm, favoring the formation of neuron networks in the developing fetus.

We recommend that the tantric sessions or massages occur only after the third month. Women with a history of miscarriages or at risk pregnancies should abstain from any type of sexual activity that could result in orgasm, since uterus contractions during an orgasm could be dangerous - consult your doctor to see if you are able to partake in these types of activities. If vaginal or uterine bleeding occurs during the pregnancy, it is also wise to avoid all forms of sexual activity until you receive the go ahead from your doctor.

Some doctors believe that orgasms in some situations can cause premature birth. There has never been any statistical evidence showing a correlation between orgasm or sexual intercourse and premature birth. Truth be told, orgasms achieved through sexual intercourse or through masturbation are related to lower premature birth rates, and is highly recommended by doctors to patients without risk factors.

What we offer at Metamorfose Center is a toning of all the sexual muscles and stimulating the production of hormones responsible for sexual responses in men and women, which is especially recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Tantra is the most profound knowledge that exists about sexual energy, known as vital energy. It’s correct use is responsible for beauty, youthfulness and attraction between the sexes. Only Tantra, through the millennia, has dared to teach with simplicity, purity and depth which is the manner that these teachings need to be passed.

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Important note: The Methods developed by Deva Nishok are applied exclusively by accredited therapists of Metamorfose Center, listed on our site. If you want to feel the difference that our method makes, assured with trust and seriousness that our work achieved over the years, make sure that the professional is actually authorized.

Unfortunately, many irresponsible professionals say that they are part of Metamorfose Center, including imitating our websites content for illicit purposes. Be aware!

Deva Nishok is always recycling and updating his techniques based on his observations and research. The vibrational state characteristical of Deva Nishok Method began to be researched in 1996 and today is in evolution, improving itself. The accredited therapists are experienced and certified by the Training as a Tantric Therapist offered by Metamorfose Center. The certificate can be recognized by the stamps.

It is worth remembering that work with sexuality is subject to severe risks such as contamination by sexually transmitted diseases, the use of inadequate equipment for the work which are not properly sterilized, as well as other contamination issues. The accredited professionals of Metamorfose Center follow bio-security protocols which protect the client and therapist for risks of contamination.

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