Tantra for Women

Deva Nishok Method

Throughout centuries, women were denied the pleasure of orgasm outside the context of birth. Only later were women able to admit to having orgasms. Women who reached orgasm without the need of a man were seen as prostitutes, nymphomaniacs or vulgar.

Many women believe it is the man’s role to initiate them on their sexual journey, and then become frustrated when they realize that men know little or almost nothing with respect to the female body or how to bring her to a state pleasure and orgasm. Even the discovery of sexuality through masturbation is frustrating, limiting, delicate, impoverished, often quick, or anxiety provoking…

Women, just as men, have little or no knowledge of the sexual responses cycles and its manifestations in the body and mind. Many women are unable to recognize their own anatomy and pleasure spots.

In all these years dealing with Tantra, I have found that many women have never even looked at their vagina in a mirror, to explore with conscious and intentional movements, the parts that are capable of producing efficient arousal, such as the Bartholin and Skene glands, for example, which is located on each side of the inner labia, and is responsible for vaginal lubrication.

Pornographic films, are the usual source for a large number of women to try and learn the best way to have pleasure and orgasm. Many do not realize that those images and situations are absurdly unsuitable for the reality of the relationship, not meeting human needs linked to sexual desire, affection, respect and dignity.

Therefore the women are offended, insulted, defamed and abused in every way. The penetrations are vulgarized and men are not oriented or taught how to treat the female body in an adequate form to reach pleasure and orgasm. People do not realize that the created scenes are fake and serve only to quickly meet the needs of the product market.

The way in which sex is developed socially does not allow for affection, eye contact, a sensual smell, sensuality, or physical skin to skin contact without genital penetration. To the contrary, men and women tend to believe that sex is penetration, a union of the genitals and ejaculation. Without these factors, it appears as if sex doesn’t take place.

For Tantra, affection, care, mutual respect, attention, dedication, and eye contact together with the physical senses are all integrated as a way to escape the primitive, instinctive and animalistic influence of sexual energy.

We learn that is possible to share this energy with much more intensity, if we use the affective components and the senses, to promote altered states of perception and awareness, enhancing the experiences of orgasm, pleasure and ecstasy.

In primitive sex, men use ejaculation as a way of relieving tension and for relaxation. Thus, men experience loss of vitality after sex, feeling tired and drained. Women, in turn, become frustrated with the man’s decline and lack of synchronization. She feels second and inferior in relation to orgasm and pleasure. The consequences are disastrous for the relationship, bringing repercussions of the balance in physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of women.

Through Tantra, a woman can learn to show affection, the art of sharing, giving and also receiving adequately. She obtains new heights, which offer much more than the obsessive and limiting idea of sex as merely penetration.

Our goal at Metamorfose Center is to teach women some of the methodologies applied by Tantra to raise the energy up and not downward towards the legs - which is usual and customary in conventional sex. By raising the energy, the woman experiences more vitality and is able to sustain the potential for pleasure and having longer orgasms. The work of raising the energy provides more creativity and interaction in relation to other aspects of tantric sexuality as a way to access new inherent conditions for the human species, of transcendence and altered states of perception and consciousness.

This is the spiritual aspect of the tantric path, the Journey to the Heart.

Our work is dedicated to women who are really interested in learning and improving the use of and mobilizing there sexual energy, learning to vitalize it and raising the energy, holding it for much longer than in conventional sex. This is only achieved when a woman allows herself to be passive, receptive and perceptive in relation to the Deva Nishok Method.

Our Tantra groups do not have sexual goals, which are common in most Tantra groups. I, myself, in my development, have participated in a large number of work related to Tantra. The problem is that I invested my money with the goal of learning something that could help me and what I found was liberal sex, practiced by people who did not have any special aptitude or whom could enrich my poor collection of options related to the sexual sphere. To the contrary, they were inexperienced people who were also there to learn the practices of elevating and sustaining energy.

In my personal quest, I practiced numerous processes which did not satisfy my needs, I completed a training in Samkhya Yoga, participated in Taoist activities, Buddhism, Kundalini Yoga, participated in NeoTantra vision groups, and met orgiastic groups. None of this satisfied me, only wasted my money. All of this served to establish the criteria of what I did not want to do. Until finally I established a line of highly skilled and resolute work, which helps human beings find the answers that gives them satisfaction and provides pleasure and self-fulfillment.

At Metamorfose Center, the feedback given by the women soon after a session is that they experienced new potentials of their body's energy, new sensations, never before felt with such depth and clarity, as well as changes in values and conceptions related to pleasure, orgasm and the body’s electrical potential and the orgasmic relationship with this energy.

We have had the privilege of working with women of different ages, including 80 year olds, brought by there daughters, so that they could experience an incredible and the transcending experience of hyper-orgasm. We work with numerous women who had, in a therapeutic sense, the first orgasm in their life.

The Therapeutic Orgasm

The proposed therapeutic orgasm isn’t new. It emerged in the late nineteenth century and the first decades of the twentieth century, based on the arguments of Hippocrates, who called hysteria as the physical symptoms that had no apparent cause, assuming that the source of the problem was the "burning" womb. The treatment, performed by doctors and therapists, became conventional, and was popularized as the "clitoral touch", which allowed the woman to experience "hysteria" in a therapeutic and controlled environment to a "hysterical paroxysm" (a term to reference orgasm). After this exposure, the emotional and physical symptoms disappear.

The same therapeutic effects observed by the therapeutic activation and mobilization of sexual energy have also been observed by other researchers, from Franz Anton Mesmer in 1773, who found cures for many diseases through the activation of sexual energy (without sex), to Wilhelm Reich in 1922, who realized the relationship between sexual energy (Orgone) and various biological pathologies, devoting themselves to this research phenomenon. Numerous researchers carry out observation work and research related to sexual energy and related hormones in an attempt to create efficient therapeutic processes that meet the sexual needs of individuals.

Our therapeutic approach of Tantra has helped countless women who seek to discover the true values of their body and its essence. Women never experienced body and genital pleasure with such intensity, free of compromise in which sexual context entails.

Our work provides a significant level of new knowledge of the body and of the energies related to the body and pleasure. These are excellent tools for self development and expansion.

This work is recommended for women that really wish to deepen their knowledge of the body and its energies, and is especially suitable for women who suffer from the drawbacks of not being able to reach orgasm or the pain related to pleasure and the sensorial aspects that manifest through orgasm.

What benefits can a woman experience with the Deva Nishok Method?

  • Learn to relate in a more open and confident manner, feel happier and be more outgoing.
  • Get to know and share in the masculine universe, interacting with creativity and love, in a free, responsible and open manner.
  • Get to know the sensory aspects of her body and the male body, learning how to get the best results that stimulates pleasure and orgasm, with resonance in itself.
  • Improve her sexual performance and develop new sexual skills.
  • Cure the pains related to sexual activity, whether they be emotional, or those present in the sexual organs.
  • Learn how to have better and more intense orgasms.
  • Discover a wide range of Orgasms: dry, multiple, valley, continuous and whole-body orgasms, the orgasm of the marvelous Oceanic Experience and that of Mystical Union, signifying a fusion between the Masculine and the Feminine.
  • The Tantric experience is repercussive and brings higher levels of satisfaction and pleasure to other areas of your life.
  • Gain greater body awareness.
  • Become intimate with both your anatomy and that of your partners.
  • Awaken dormant sensorial areas.
  • Connect your voice, expression, communication and conscious breath to the sensations you experience.
  • Recognize and control the different states of sexual arousal so you can adjust to your partner’s rhythm.
  • Mobilize the energy in an upward spiral, preparing for an intensive orgasm.
  • Sensitize diverse muscle groups simultaneously, increasing the range of muscles connected to orgasm.
  • Recognize the diverse pleasure spots through the senses.
  • Move and mobilize the energy (Sahaja) in an intentional and conscious way.
  • Increase your levels of intimacy, ability to surrender and trust, rescuing your relationships.

There is a large number of women with relationship difficulties and satisfactory sexual relations. Women know little or nothing about the female anatomy, such as where the clitoris is located and purpose of its existence, or what is the Grafenberg gland, how to produce swelling or softness in the sexual muscles, how to analyze and interpret the signs of increasing energetic volume or how to sustain the high energy which leads to orgasm. Most women are admittedly unable to produce intense and satisfying orgasms. Aspects of guilt, fear, insecurity, anxiety and shyness are obstacles that jeopardize relationships, added to this, is the lack of the body knowledge, the body's physiology and its consequences. Few women also know how to behave in relation to a man's body.

Through our training sessions, you learn the art of touch, how to use the senses as leverage for gaining greater perception and sensitivity, strengthening the ties of companionship, love and friendship.

Accredited therapists of Metamorfose are specially trained to offer the adequate knowledge of the body and energetic physiology that will achieve greater fullness in relationships.

We recommend the following guide for women wishing to begin their sensory development:

Choose a therapist who can give personal guidance with respect to your development and monitor your progress. You can choose a male or female therapist, as there will be no sexual involvement nor sexual practices with the therapist. The unit coordinators are authorized to monitor the process. The sessions and experiences can take place individually or in our Tantra Workshops. The individual sessions are private and the results are quicker and more efficient.

It is best to begin with massages. Our suggestion is to follow the following massage sequence: Sensitive Massage, Ecstasy Total Massage, Yoni Massage, and then G-Spot Massage. After receiving the massages, it is important to learn the techniques by taking the courses. Then you will be ready for Delerium - Multi-orgastic training. It is also recommended that you participate in our Tantra Workshops. There, men and women can meet adequate partners to share the tantric basics. Ideally, you will find a partner whom accepts the meditations and proposed group experiences as a way of developing various personal life skills.

Tantra - The Journey to the Heart - is a path that could be achieved with the help of people who have already travelled this path. It is not correct to say that there are teachers in Tantra. The ones who have already travelled this path can help guide others up to the point where they themselves have developed.

The Tantric Experience is known as the Oceanic Experience, a huge orgasm of extra bodily proportions that triggers a series of reflex mechanisms by placing the people in a dimension of love, compassion and bliss recognized as a spiritual dimension. Hence, Tantra transcends the common ordinary sexuality, also identifying it as a spiritual path.

The meditations and group practices leads the couple to experience a universal cosmic fusion, no longer fearing death or separation. The experiences of life, death and rebirth, offered in the workshops and tantric meditations at Metamorfose Center, elevates the participants to a state of love and compassion, with the kindness and desire to share with others. This is the result of diving in the Oceanic Experience.

Whomever approaches Tantra will reap the benefits of it. The results of the meditations are immediate. It is noticed in that exact moment and perpetuate organically, settling in the body of the person in the form of memory through vegetative reflexes, changing the consistent manner of behavior with the desires of the heart.

Even if the person does not integrate the full understanding of the teachings, just having contact with the practices will help them have more health, vitality and balance, which will create a more harmonious and passionate life.

Tantra is the most profound knowledge that exists concerning sexual and vital energy. When used correctly it is responsible for beauty, youth and attraction between the sexes. Only Tantra, throughout millennia, has dared to teach this with such simplicity, purity and depth that the teachings deserve.

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Unfortunately, many irresponsible professionals say that they are part of Metamorfose Center, including imitating our websites content for illicit purposes. Be aware!

Deva Nishok is always recycling and updating his techniques based on his observations and research. The vibrational state characteristical of Deva Nishok Method began to be researched in 1996 and today is in evolution, improving itself. The accredited therapists are experienced and certified by the Training as a Tantric Therapist offered by Metamorfose Center. The certificate can be recognized by the stamps.

It is worth remembering that work with sexuality is subject to severe risks such as contamination by sexually transmitted diseases, the use of inadequate equipment for the work which are not properly sterilized, as well as other contamination issues. The accredited professionals of Metamorfose Center follow bio-security protocols which protect the client and therapist for risks of contamination.

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