Delayed Ejaculation

How can Tantric Therapy help

Delayed Ejaculation (ejaculatio retardata), also known as ejaculatory incapacity by Marsters and Johnson, can be defined as an inhibition of the ejaculatory reflex, making it harder to happen than usual.

A man that suffers from this condition responds normally to sexual stimulation, with a firm erection, but becomes unable to ejaculate, Even though he looks for the orgasmic relief, even though he is properly stimulated, he cannot do it.

In a mild form, this ejaculatory inhibition is associated with anxiety. Many men that find difficulty to ejaculate while having sex with a partner are still able to achieve this relief while masturbating.

Deva Nishok Method offered here brings back the reflexive trigger, through the multiple dry orgasms that are experimented on each session, thus extending them to ejaculatory orgasms. The man, by then, begins to develop new ejaculatory abilities.

We recommend 6 to 10 sessions, giving feedback to your therapist after each one.

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