The Deva Nishok Method

My initial contact with Tantra began in 1996. Since then, I’ve been researching and developing a method that would allow people to discover the biological electricity within. All through these years, I had the opportunity to experience different practices that were introduced to me as tantric, but were focused on therapies such as Bioenergetics, Primal, Pulsation, Encounter as well as others. These groups that I knew of, motivated people to partake in free sex but did not change anyone's behavior nor was there an individual process of dissolving their weaknesses, nor getting rid of there coldness, insensitivity, nor helped with relationship difficulties. I could testify to a lot of indignation within these groups; I saw facilitators acting with brutality, authority abuse, and aggressiveness.

Their are other approaches connected to Tantra, but their therapeutic focus is on comprehension and analysis, interpreting facts, creating factual points to explain everyday situations with jargon, such as “hurt child” or “parents disapproval syndrome”, “co-dependency” and so on. The methodology that I liked the most was the systemic "disprogramming”, which is free of beliefs and dogmas. I realized that there is no point in replacing one belief for another, neither to provide a hypothetic or abstract comprehension based on concepts or theories. I found out that there is an existential mechanism that can delete traumatic informations from our bodies, restarting the count of our painful experiences. So, starting fresh, anyone can reprogram one’s experience anyway they want, if they want to.

Tantra does not program anything. The original Tantra is transformative, it allows for several behavioral changes. The role of the original Tantra is to humanize, to recover our humanistic values, and reestablish our dignity.

I profoundly researched the origins of Tantra, going straight to the source, without a middle man, without interference from curious or malicious people, adepts from Yoga, Taoism or black magic. I researched the works of Franz Anton Mesmer (1734-1815), studied Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957), Alexander Lowen (1910-2006) and John C. Pierrakos (1921-2001), adapted their principles and discoveries in a free dissociated manner. To me, these authors and experimenters were connected to the original source of Tantra. I felt the evolution of the method on myself, along with its unquestionable results all through these years.

My method should not be confused with conventional methods of Tantric Massage which you can find in the local or international market, for its principles, objectives and results are completely different. Usually, the conventional methods has a mild sensorial practice, accompanied with pleasurable scents - stimulating or aphrodisiac - in a sensual, erotic room and, in most cases, ending with sexual pleasures. After some time of spreading oil over the client’s body it is quite common that the so called therapist offer something that some prefer to call “release” or “relaxation” at the end of the session. Those are nothing more than mere masturbation offered to the client. There’s no cure, no transformation of limiting behaviors or sexual dysfunctions. The client remains with the same patterns and difficulties relating to their sexuality.

In my method, by using some specially design maneuvers, the therapist awakens sensorial, bioelectric aspects in the client’s body. These electrical impulses will sensitize muscles in a very intense and pleasurable orgasmic neuromuscular chain reaction. These discharges produce an orgasmic feeling, something that we call “Dry Orgasms” (without ejaculation) and “Perpetual Orgasms” (without a fallback after the climax), in both men and women.

The amazing electrical discharges take over the body during the massage and trigger mechanisms that alter our perception, producing an effect that we call Superconsciousness - a state of awareness and perception, a deeply meditative state. The person connects with his or her divine self, a transcendence occurs, the truthful joy that comes from inside the heart, from their soul is accessed.

There are 4 Massage Levels in the Deva Nishok Method, plus a fifth level of development where we apply Meditations and Practices of Tantric therapy. I suggest that you begin your development with the first level:

In Level 1 - Sensitive Massage, the body’s electricity is awaken. One finds out that orgasms are not restricted to the genital area, but that the whole body is orgasmic and allows for a huge amount of pleasure. A huge paradigm shift occurs from the belief that orgasm is limited to the genital area and to sex. The massage takes place in dorsal, ventral and lateral positions, while stimulation of the energy center located in the perineum (1st Chakra - Muladhara) occurs. The result is the discovery that your whole body is pleasurable and can vibrate with an intense amount of pleasure.With a substantial increase of Endorphin, Serotonin and Oxytocin hormone levels, the person feels rejuvenated, satiated and satisfied, causing a feeling of fullness and joy.
We recommend beginning your development at this level.

In Level 2 - Total Ecstasy Massage, we start off with the stimuli produced on level 1 and, once the bioenergy is awaken, we direct it towards the genitals, where energy is enhanced with specific maneuvers focused on the Lingam (Penis) or on the Yoni (Clitoris and Vagina). There is no internal contact with the vagina, only external. The massaging of the penis is gentle, in opposing masturbation directions.The result is an indescribable and impressionable experience with intense vibrations and waves of pleasure.

In Level 3, the work is focused and intensified at the Lingam (Penis) or Yoni (Clitoris and Vagina). It is important to state that these genital manipulations are techniques that have nothing to do with masturbation, but with stimuli studied and specially designed to enhance the sensorial ability of the genital area, awakening a level of pleasure and an altered state of perception and consciousness never experienced with the usual masturbation or sexual activities.

At this level, the energy discharges occur that reveal a new orgasmic potencial which is differentiated and intensified, for men and women. Multiple orgasms with or without ejaculation can happen, without a lessening of pleasure and a huge expansion of energy towards the 7th chakra - Sahasrara (the energy center located at the top of the head that is directly linked to our sacred aspect, the divine that lies inside everyone of us).

In relation to men, orgasm is not the end goal of Lingam Massage, even though it can be a very pleasurable and welcomed effect. It is quite common for men to ejaculate two or three times during one session, but the ejaculations are different, with a therapeutic potential that has nothing to do with masturbation. With the frequency of this stimulus, there’s a change in the sensorial quality and the intensity of pleasure. It is possible to experience multiple ejaculations, multiple and successive dry orgasms (non ejaculatory), prolonged erection time, more flexibility, penis enlargement (length and width) as a result of a better condition (toning) of the penis muscles.

The Lingam Massage is an exceptional method to cure premature ejaculation, impotence, delayed ejaculation and lack of libido.

In the same way, with Yoni Massage, for women, the increase of quality in pleasure is outstanding, way beyond the usual sexual experience most women have through clitoris and vagina manipulation. There’s a breakthrough of several paradigms in regards to pleasure and how women treat and perceive their own bodies.

Again, orgasm is not the end goal in the Yoni Massage, even though it can be a very pleasurable and welcomed effect. The focus is on a careful massage of every single part of the female genital, including the groin, the vulva, inner and outer labia, the clitoris, allowing the perception of cumulative, progressive and more intense waves of pleasure that women are not used too.

A structural change happens with the clitoris, which significantly modifies the situations linked to pleasure and continuous orgasm. The woman, little by little, opens and surrenders with trust, overcoming fear, guilt and repression, reaching a state of multiple and successive orgasms, perpetual and valley orgasms (successive orgasms without declining climax). Quite often, the woman discovers her ejaculatory potential, also accompanied by an intense feeling of pleasure.

The Yoni Massage is an exceptional method to cure Anorgasmia (lack of orgasms), difficulty reaching orgasms, a lack of libido, lack or loss of sensitiveness in the genital area and vaginismus(involuntary contraction of the muscles near the vagina, making it difficult or even impeding penis penetration during sexual relations, with the presence of pain).

Level 4, the G-Spot Massage for women and P-Spot Massage for men.

In women, the G-Spot is located inside the vagina, at the anterior wall, that when properly stimulated shows a protuberance close to the pubic bone, something around 3 to 5 centimeters from the vagina’s entrance. Its size will change with the intensification of stimulus. This area is specially sensitive to a special amount of pressure and certain movement patterns, taking her to new levels of orgasms. This area varies from women to women, in size, location, texture or thickness. Studies reveal that, by stimulating this area, the body produces substances that block the feeling of pain. It is quite common for women to produce 100 to 200 ml of a scentless and colorless liquid, sometimes whitish. In our work, we can also verify that it is possible for many women to experience the feminine orgasmic ejaculation.

In G-Spot Massage for women, together with the stimulation of the clitoris, the woman can feel the energetic mobilization at different spots in the vaginal canal, in the pelvic area and the Gräfenberg’s Gland. We offer a special technique for penetration using the pulp of the finger (always using lubricated and sterilized latex gloves) to sensitize the area and intensify the sensation of pleasure of this spot. Men also have a G-Spot, the place where they feel the most intense pleasure during a sexual relation.

The male G-spot , called the prostatic spot, or P-Spot. It is located at the prostrate gland, below the bladder, and behind the testicles. When the man is aroused, the Pubococcygeus Muscle (a muscle that attaches to the pubic bone and surrounding organs, such as the bladder, urethra and rectum, sustaining them) clamps down on the prostrate. This pressure is responsible for the feeling of pleasure.

In P-Spot Massage for men, along with the stimulation of the Lingam, there is an energetic mobilization of the rectal area, more specifically on the prostrate, known as the male P Spot.

We offer a special technique of penetration (the professionals always use sterilized latex gloves) using the pulp of the finger to sensitize the area and intensify the sensation of pleasure of this spot.
Not all men allow themselves to receive this kind of stimulation, usually for fear and prejudice that this stimulus could prove homosexual tendencies, which is absolutely a myth, a taboo generated by a patriarchal and sexist society.

Regardless of your sexual preferences, the male P-Spot, just as the female G-Spot, when massaged with adequate stimulus, produces extreme feelings of pleasure in men and women, than that of the usual common sexual experience, which is highly enhanced and multiplied, leading to intense orgasms, taking the person to a state of superconsciousness.

Level 5, the person receives Tantric Therapy. Tantric Therapy from Metamorfose Center offers treatment conditions for men, women and couples. The results are fast and efficient. This service is suitable for the healing of stress, anxiety, depression, sexual dysfunction, lack of libido, premature ejaculation, anorgasmia, impotence, clitoral and vaginal insensitivity, and vaginismus.

Individual sessions are the best option for people whom are not ready or do not feel comfortable yet for a group session

Tantric Therapy also offers the possibility of changing one's own paradigms, when it comes to pleasure, the relationship with the body, with orgasm, naturally improving your relation with others, bringing more intimacy, more surrender and trust. Tantric Therapy is available to men and women.

In our sessions, we see how much men and women still don’t know their own bodies, their full potential of pleasure. A great discovery is to be made, a potential to be revealed, fully available to those who dare, who are available for this kind of surrender, provided that they are accompanied by the guidance of experienced and reliable professionals.

In our experience with Sensitive Massage, Ecstasy Total Massage, Lingam Massage, Yoni Massage, G-Spot Massage, P-Spot Massage and Therapeutic Tantra - of Deva Nishok Method- is surprising, unique and exclusive in the whole world.

Deva Nishok

What’s the difference of Deva Nishok Method in relation to other methods?

To fully comprehend the main difference of this method, it is important to know with more details the physiological mechanism of sexual arousal. Genital arousal (moisturizing of the vagina/ clitoral engorgement and erection) can begin by:

  • Psychological Stimulus (psychogenic) – induced by the brain (imagination or erotic fantasy of an erotic situation); and/or
  • Physical Stimulus (touches on female or male genitals).

Erotic fantasies act on the brain through our Nervous System, producing reflexive sensations in one’s body, while the other center, located in our spine, reacts to touch, producing reflexes that affect the brain, empowering the sensations. The brain and other components of our nervous system act together, aided by hormones, to enhance the feeling of arousal, moisturizing the vagina, clitoral engorgement, causing erection and orgasm. Any problem that affects the brain, the spine, the nerve endings located in the genitals or the hormonal production can hinder a natural, healthy sexual response.

Physiology of sexual arousal

Psychogenic Stimulus (psychological stimulus)
With psychogenic arousal, the stimuli come from an intentional imagination, a fantasy, that act on the left hemisphere of the brain, descending through the spinal medulla and arrives through the nerve endings of the genital area.

This kind of stimulation can be triggered by anything which causes sexual arousal or desire; be it a touch, an image, a scent, a thought, a sound, etc. It is commanded by the Medullar Thoracolumbar Center, T11-L2 levels.

Reflexive Stimulus (physical stimulus done by someone else).
It is generated by stimulating the genital area or any part of the body next to them. They reach the medulla which responds by sending commands that bring arousal, erection, clitoral engorgement and moistening of the vagina, characterized by a reflexive arch, independently of stimuli arising from thoughts (left brain hemisphere). It is controlled by the Sacral Medullar Center located in the S2, S3 and S4 levels. This peculiar sensorial pattern acts on the right brain hemisphere. Hence, rational thought and logic is not affected by this process.

With masturbation, the body reacts to psychogenic stimulation, this is the impulsive part of the left side of the brain, triggered by an erotic intention, a fantasy, impoverished in their sensorial results. Masturbatory movements are repetitive, addictive, limitative and conditioning. In the reflex stimulus, according to our method, genital maneuvers produce independent reflective effects, that act on the whole body and not only in the genital area. These maneuvers, especially developed, substantially increase levels of Endorphin, Serotonin and Oxytocin, producing altered states of consciousness and perception.

The person finally discovers that his or her whole body is orgasmic. They cannot even point to the source of the orgasm, since their ego dissolves with the experience and gives birth to what we call Hyper-orgasm, or a state of superconsciousness.

With the conventional methods of Tantric Massage available on the market, the masseuse only tends to reinforce the conditioning factors, since the maneuvers applied on both Lingam and Yoni are pretty similar to masturbatory movements. Besides that, as the focus is usually erotic and sexual in nature, the client is usually taken to a sexual “release" or “relaxation, this is the sexual climax at the end of the session. There are no benefits in relation to what he experiences in his usual masturbation or sexual encounters. There are no changes or paradigm shifts with respect to the body. All the dysfunctions remain active. There’s no cure involved.

Deva Nishok developed an exclusive mapping of the sensorial zones connected to Lingam and Yoni, which are not explored by traditional methods.

In our therapeutic method, when someone receives the adequate maneuvers, the person goes beyond their own conditionings, discovers their whole sensorial potential, develops new brain synapses connected to the senses, experiences new feelings of and more intense pleasure, for longer periods. Blockages are removed, the energy of the body is awaken, which then vibrates with intense orgasmic waves. The orgasmic experience takes on a divine and transcendent quality. The Ego dissolves, everything becomes light and energy. By the end of the session you feel relaxed, centered, joyful, whole and harmonized.

This method is specially useful and indicated for people suffering the collateral damage of diseases or drugs that influence the libido in a negative manner, causing the lack of sexual desire, anorgasmia, premature ejaculation, impotence and genital insensitivity.

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Important! This method is unique in the whole world, developed by researches and observations about human behavior and sexuality performed by Deva Nishok. Only the therapists accredited by Metamorfose Center are authorized and able to work with all levels. accredited therapists.