Dyspareunia: pain in sex

How can Tantric Therapy help

dor no sexo - dispareunia

Dyspareunia, the pain present in sexual intercourse can represent an obstacle to women who want to achieve sexual satisfaction. This situation can occur at any age, the pain can surge in the beginning of sexual intercourse, in the middle - during penetration or not - in the moment of orgasm or even after intercourse is over.

The pain can be fiery, acute, caustically or spasmodic; it can be external, in the vagina, in the pelvic area or in the abdomen. It isn’t known the incidence of dyspareunia, but it’s estimated that 15% of grown women who are sexually active have felt pain during coitus (penetration) some times a year. Research shows that the number of women who experience pain with frequency during sexual intercourse is high.

Dyspareunia can interfere in sexual excitement and in orgasms because it takes sexual pleasure from them. The fear of pain can produce anxiety, tension and affect the reflexes that produce excitement. In many cases the person ends up avoiding sexual intercourse or abstaining from every form of sexual contact, with implications even in the retraction from relationships.

Partners of women with dyspareunia must be very sensitive and comprehensive regarding their feelings, assisting them in the search for treatments that welcome and help her surpass this problem.

Our Treatment

In the Metamorfose Centre we developed a methodology using the Deva Nishok Method, where the therapist feels and recognizes the physiological signals that the body transmits, reducing tension and connecting, little by little, the sexual muscles with pleasure.

Depending on the gravity and intensity of the problem, the “trauma” filed by the neuromuscular reflex of one’s body will open itself and overwriting the traumatic experience with new information related to pleasure and orgasm.

Some cases are settled with only one session, while other need from 3 to 10, passing through processes of sensorial re-education.

In the sessions the therapist doesn’t confront any of the body’s defence systems because that only reinforces the trauma. In a complex work of reintegration of acceptance and affection, the brain starts to reorganise sensations so that the body opens naturally, allowing itself to experiment new levels of sensorial depth without raising barriers that produce tension and the pain that affects sexual intercourse.

In just a few sessions the woman is capable of living and experimenting pleasure, and also reacquire the necessary trust to live her full sexuality.

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