How can Tantric Therapy help


Do you have friends? How is your network of influent friends? What kind of influence do your friends have over you?

Nobody can survive without friends. It is a mistake to believe that pets or plants can survive without true human friends. Friendship among humans is a vital component for our survival and growth as species.

There are meaningful links between people that require intimacy, touch, sight, smell, the use of senses to develop cognitive aspects still unknown. We need human care, acceptance, to love and to be loved. And we need all this to be disconnected from our sexual desire, free of a sentiment of possession, impositions, conditions and the contradictions of love.

The therapy offered by Metamorfose Centre is based on friendship, intimacy, trust, surrender, in uncovering our true, original face.

A friend is something that just reveals itself without masks and, by doing so, reveals ourselves as well, putting our masks away. Two masks can’t be in a relationship - only two original people can! Only a true friendship can offer you the proper conditions to develop and grow as a human being.

Discover and create a new net of friends that will have a positive influence on your growth. Here at Metamorfose Centre we know that living among spiritual, open-hearted people provides a health and regenerative encounter to every seeker that yearns to meet his own light.

Your new friends are waiting for you! Come and meet them!