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"The effects of pleasure are wholly positive. Physically, pleasure improves circulation and increases energy. The emotional effects include greater self- esteem, increased self-confidence, and a generally sharper mind. Spiritually, enjoyment enhances your appreciation of your blessings and contributes to a brighter outlook."

Harold H. Bloomfield e Robert B. Kory
Inner Joy

The importance of touch...

The skin has an immune function, according to many scientific researches. Researchers found that when petted, the outer layer of skin, epidermis, produces a substance that is immunochemically indistinguishable from thymopoietin, hormone of the thymus gland, which is active in differentiation of T lymphocytes . The T lymphocytes are responsible by cells immunity. They originate in cells that are produced in the bone marrow and migrate (al least half of them) to thymus gland, where they’re processed until they become T lynphocytes. It is still unknown the process in which thymus gland confers immune competence to T lymphocytes, giving them the ability to differentiate into cells capable of performing specific immune functions. There are thousands of T lymphocytes individually different, each one of them capable of reacting to a specific antigen and destroy it.

The tactile stimuli increases body’s electrical potential. The boost of the electrical potential acts on cells and glands, producing a physiological effect on emotions and in mind, which also liberate reflexes over the person’s behavior. Recent researches has proven there are physiological and biochemist changes when surface of the skin is well stimulates.

The electricity of the body...

Human body is made out of 64% of saline and water, which is a great conductor of electricity. The saline solution is called “electrolyte solution’ in electrotechnology and that, in contact with nerve cells, generates chemical bioelectricity. Every beat of our heart (pulse) produces a current of one cycle per second of a dissipated watt electrical power. The electrical power and the human body resistance varies from one to another: depending on organic constitution of the cells and the conductivity of the body. This way, we can see human body as an electrical machine! We are made of the same elements of the Universe: molecules, atoms, protons, neutrons and electrons. Matter and energy is the same thing: matter is a condensation of energy; energy is the disintegration of matter.

According to Einstein, every single body, due its atomic constitution, has its electromagnetic camp of energy (human being’s aura), which is photographable by Kirlian camera. The nervous system forms the electric distribution system network and the cells are the semiconductors, functioning like diodes and transmitters. The bioelectricity can be detected through out the electrocardiograms and electroencephalogram. The electrostatic tension generated during 24 hours of one day can be measured by a sensitive electrostatic voltmeter. To measure it, one steps on a metallic plate on which binds the negative electrode on the voltmeter with the hand firmly holding the positive electrode. The instrument should make readings that may vary from 5,000 to 20,000 electrostatic volts.

The human body resistance can be easily measured by a device called “ohmmeter”. The electrostatic tension and the human body resistance varies from individual to individual and the instrument readings indicate ranges between 500 to 500,000 ohms of resistance to electric current.

The conductivity vary with the characteristics of the skin: dry skin has a high resistance, moist skin has low resistance. Similarly, as what happens with electricity insulators and conductors, human body accumulates electricity when the resistance is high and discharge electricity easily when the resistance is low. One of the most remarkable characteristics of the work with Tantra is emollient factor and humidification of organic tissues. Reich observed that orgone stimulation in human body increases naturally by 30% its relative humidity percentage. These two aspects merge together in the production of the very unique sensorial phenomena, which is related to the orgasm and the pleasure.

It’s essential for humans to maintain their electrical balance of their bodies. The electrical balance is related to the physical, mental and emotional health of the individual and through that electrical source the human being works as a TV station, irradiating sound and image. If the human is familiar with this individual electric power, his/her intuition and capacity to communicate non-verbally potentializes through the senses, using the attributes of their perception, as animals that doesn’t live in captivity. When humans have their own energy source and are familiarized with that, they’re capable to modulate through his/her thoughts and irradiate simultaneously electromagnetics waves whiting signals of sound and image. The dimensional question transforms into multi-dimensional way and the dimension of time and space change substantially, in a experience called “altered state of perception and consciousness”.

The Hyper Orgasm and the Superconsciousness...

In our researches about bioelectricity, we found human body is bioelectric battery. When the stimuli are manifested in the skin, with determined intensity and a certain frequency, in a period of time, the orgasm intensifies and produces more hormones. Serotonin, Endorphin and Oxytocin circulates freely throughout the body, enhancing synaptic connections, linkages that connect each nerve fiber, culminating in a great impact and high intensity orgasm. The person experiment so new pleasurable sensations, new levels of orgasms and that we call hyper orgasm, reaching new levels of awareness and perception. At this moment people experience laugh, cry, tears, ecstasy and many other integrative and concomitant sensations, difficult to describe them, but really intense and plearurable.

The effects on the body, mind, emotions and the essence stays for 48 or even 72 hours, exercising a meditative impact on the person.

We recommend our clients to start with the Sensitive Massage, because during it, there are a huge exploration of the Bioelectricity through the subtle maneuvers on the surface of the skin.

It’s very common people want to start with Lingam Massage or Yoni Massage because many people still are in the process of ‘genitalization’. But it’s essential awaken the electrical potential of your body and be aware of your bioelectricity. This factor alone brings you many benefits.

Our goal is helping you to increase your own levels of pleasure and orgasms. Search a credentialed therapist and initiate your sensorial development process. We thank your trust in our credentialed therapists.

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