Lack of Libido

How can Tantric Therapy help

Falta de Libido

Libido is an energetic discharge that has its origin in sexuality as a whole. Many people think that sexuality locates solely on the genitals, which isn’t true.

It’s an energy that makes individuals search the realisation of their basic necessities, like hunger for example, and also all kinds of pleasure.

Thus, part of the libido is suppressed or destroyed through social-repressive mechanisms, another part is relocated to other human actions like studying, making art, working or other tasks we find important in our lives, and the last part of it stays available to sexual pleasure. Libido it’s the energy that moves the human being to connect with other objects, with the environment or other people, from the same or opposite sex. If we didn’t have libido, humans wouldn’t engage the world and wouldn’t give it value.

It’s this energy that ensures children start to play, move and explore the reality all around them. Libido also means having limits, and having the notion of the boundaries around us, it recognises what is prohibited, what’s dangerous or acceptable, what is being free.

The ability to channel libido to the outside world is fundamental to the balance of human beings. Problems in this channeling may cause flaws in socialisation, like autism, self-aggression, compulsive masturbation and another behaviour disorders.

In common language, libido can be described as “desire” and to further understand this concept we can use daily expressions like: “I don’t have desire”; “without desire there is no solution”. These expressions emphasise the importance of libido in all our actions. Libido is a term that means desire and will.

Lack of libido in women is related to the frigidity or the insensibility regarding sexual stimulus. Many diseases, including mental and psychosomatic one’s can be related with the lack or loss of libido, like for example: depression, anorexia, cirrhosis, iron overload, hypogonadism between others.

Oh the other hand there are diseases that result of an excessive increase in libido, as: obsession or OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), bipolar disorder, hyperthyroidism and syphilis. Some medicine and a lot of drugs also provoke alterations in the libido. A pathological increase of libido is also known as sex addiction or nymphomania, satyriasis or sexual compulsion.

In Metamorfose Centre we recommend that people who suffer from actions provoked by the increase or decrease in libido pass through the sensorial reeducation process through the Deva Nishok Method, where pleasure and affection are explored in a conscious way, and with a non-sexual purpose, opening new paths of mobilisation and expansion of the sexual energy through their bodies into an energetic apex known as hyper orgasm.

It’s therapeutic, a process of harmonisation and cure that doesn’t possess any sexual connotations.