(Lack of Orgasms)

How can Tantric Therapy help

falta ou ausência de orgasmos

The inequality in orgasms between men and women isn’t only an individual problem. 75% of men usually reach orgasm with their female partners but only 29% of women do so.

Two thirds of women have orgasms regularly or almost never. But the inequality in orgasms, despite recognised is barely discussed. It’s simply accepted as the way sex works.

For centuries women have been deprived of orgasms because it’s not related with procreation. Only later, feminine orgasms were accepted but even so with much caution. And a woman that had an orgasm without love was considered a nymphomaniac.

The impossibility to reach orgasm is called Anorgasmia and it’s the most common of women’s sexual dysfunctions. Statistics point out that there are only 25% orgasmic women while 75% have some kind of difficulty reaching an orgasm.

However, our experience proves that women are capable of reaching orgasms, unless they are suffering from some disease that is neurological and dysfunctional, endocrinological or gynaecological, that has destroyed or compromised the physical base of the orgasm. Most causes are psychological or come from the inability or knowledge of her partner to deal with her body.

Psychological factors that can
inhibit the orgasm:

  • Taboos and prejudices that compromise an active participation in the sexual act;
  • Ignorance regarding their bodies or the bodies of their partner;
  • Each of the partners must learn to know their own body and develop the ability to adequately express the conditions and stimulus that conduct to an orgasm;
  • Conflicts created by erotic sensations;
  • Guilty feeling regarding their own sexuality;
  • Fear of commitment;
  • Hostility towards their partner;
  • Fear of committing to strong and strange feelings (excitement only gets them to a certain point, not letting them reach the plateau phase that is the maximum excitation necessary to trigger an orgasm);
  • Excessive concern about reaching an orgasm, that generates anxiety and prevents them from relaxing, which is necessary to achieve an orgasm.

Some women tend to deny the importance of the orgasm in an effort to adapt themselves to the dysfunction and only enjoy the non-orgasmic aspects of the relationship. After being constantly frustrated they end up not interested in sex.

In some cases the angst of the woman because of her incapability of reaching orgasms anticipates failure when she starts making love and creates enough disturbances to originate a secondary coldness or the complete absence of sexual response that may not be completely restored, unless she learns how to liberate her inhibited orgasmic reflex.

Relationships have not favoured women’s orgasms.

Men have a lot of responsibility over women’s orgasms. Studies prove that 80% of times where a man penetrates a woman she isn’t properly ready and prepared for the sexual act.

In the conventional sexual act, men privileges penetration and develop obsessive-compulsive aspects, generating a lot of anxiety to penetrate right away.

Most men relate themselves to the myth of masculinity, entering the sexual act like they are fulfilling a mission of defending their sexist attitudes that were wrongly passed onto them by their ancestral male role models and reinforced by social ignorance that surrounds the topic – prove that they are “machos”.

It adds to that the horror men possess to “fail” at the crucial time, of his penis not staying erect, imagining themselves being “evaluated” in their performance, like it would be judged by an examination stand. Or the fact that they boast themselves by almost always mediocre performances, because they are completely ignorant to the anatomic and physiological aspects of the vagina or the neurofunctional reflexes of a woman’s body, being incapable of understanding the reactions of women to their stimulus.

Men still don’t know how to share the exchange of erotic pleasures that little by little streamline and potentiate energy, opening paths for the receptors of the neurotransmitters propitiate the conditions for the feminine orgasm to happen.

Men are subjected to the primitive expression of sex; it determines that the sperm must be expelled as quickly as possible. The frequency of the back-and-forth of the penis is fast, the penetration is deep, the rhythm is frequent, and the attention is focused on the vagina, until rapidly and in a short time the man ejaculates, without allowing the woman to feel pleasure at all, to the point of having no fluidity and producing no emollience in their intravaginal muscles or the hormones responsible for orgasms.

In Tantra, the members learn that penetration is only recommended after the approval of the physiological responses that occur in the vagina. We teach our members how to achieve multiple orgasms from different plateaus. After total fluidity and emollience they finally can penetrate the penis in a slow, circular way, without the characteristic of compulsive anxiety of normal sex. The slow, constant and circular penetration allows the contact with the entire vaginal wall in its depth, including the internal points that have innervations with the clitoris, like the Grafenberg’s gland (G spot).

There are concomitant procedures, in which it is possible for women to also experiment orgasms together with penetration.

In a couple’s relationship, when the man dedicates himself, with special care to take his partner to experiment the stages of “high plateaus”, he contributes for the elevation of pleasure and the acme of orgasm, in higher levels, leading the woman to experiment a state of superconsciousness.

Statistics show that women who practice sex with a female partner take a greater advantage over male partners – they reach orgasm 83% of times. So the big problem is how heterosexual sex is practiced and the fact that men don’t know the female body, their needs and the specific stimulus that gives them pleasure at all.

Some findings from Shere Hite.

“The Hite Report”, a profound study about human sexuality written by Shere Hite, informs that women that never experienced an orgasm are frequently depressed or damaged by knowing they are missing out on pleasure.

Hite and the biggest professors of human sexuality affirm that the best way for a woman to learn how to reach orgasm is by masturbation.

Nowadays in Metamorfose Centre, the accredited therapists teach men and women how to discover a different potential in their bodies, when they learn new ways to elevate the degree of satisfaction and pleasure in their own bodies, and the bodies of their partners.

Sex is a journey.

Women aren’t less orgasmic than men; on the contrary, they are physically capable of multiple orgasms, dry orgasms, and even ejaculations that occur in concomitance with the orgasm.

Men and women need to invest in experimentation and in their sensorial development, exploiting the characteristics of pleasure not just in the erogenous parts of their bodies but also in other areas of their senses.

These new sensorial points can be awakened after a determined period of stimulation. We learn that is necessary a certain type of stimulation, in a specific place at an adequate time. The partners need to know these erogenous points and dedicate themselves to produce the right stimulus in the appropriate time, so that the results of the excitation may expand, until the orgasm occurs.

In many places the idea that sexual pleasure wasn’t invented for women but only for men still remains. In many Muslim countries for example, they excise the clitoris of young girls, in an attempt for them not to enter in contact with sexual pleasure.

The men that have liberated themselves from the myth of masculinity and were able to penetrate in the feminine atmosphere understand that it is important that their partners reach the greatest quality of orgasm and pleasure, so that they can enjoy a healthy and friendly relationship, without the conventional neuroses that are an obstacle for the perpetuation of good relationships.

Women fake orgasms?

There are a lot of women that fake orgasms as a way to please their partners. They lack the authenticity of pleasure and, consequently, men don’t change their conformist behavior relatively to their incapability and limitations in proportioning sexual quality in their relationships.

It’s very rare to find a woman that never faked an orgasm. 35% of women fake them systematically for distinct reasons, so that they won’t be considered cold and incapable, or to not let down their partners.

And men, do they also suffer from the absence of orgasms?

The most common absence of orgasms for males is erectile dysfunction, also known as impotence. It’s defined by the inability to obtain or sustain an erection and it is the most known dysfunction.

There are psychological and organic causes. In the 90s the search for a solution for this problem reached deldenafil, commercialized with the name Viagra. It’s an oral medicine that facilitates an erection, but it’s necessary that a stimulus or sexual desire exists, or the erection doesn’t happen.

When we talk about the absence of an orgasm we immediately think of women. In many cases it may occur that, even with an erection, a man may not reach an orgasm in sexual intercourse. It’s more or less recurrent that some men have an inhibition in the ejaculatory reflex, defined as delayed ejaculation, identified as a compulsive delay, characterised by difficulties obtaining an ejaculation or an orgasm.

Men associated the orgasm to the ejaculatory reflex, but in fact they exist independently from each other. An orgasm may occur – or even multiple orgasms, without ejaculation, and there might even occur ejaculations without orgasms. Even flaccid penises are amenable of ejaculation, with or without spermatic occurrence. This is unknown to the common men. It’s a great breach of paradigms, but it’s what we observe in our experience with the men that receive a massage in Deva Nishok Method.

There are different types of orgasms for men and women. The more common and frequent are the ones of a psychogenic nature that need stimulation of fantasy and imagination. These orgasms were conditioned in the body through masturbation.

More intense orgasms are experimented after the bioelectric manoeuvres are triggered in the body through Sensitive Massage. These bioelectrical orgasms that affect muscles in their muscular chains, induce a frenetic triggering of articulated impulses in ascendant direction to the top of the head.

These orgasms identified as Valley Orgasms, are orgasms offered in our massages in Deva Nishok Method, and have as basis the stimulation of key points that intensify the production of the hormones responsible for the reflexive neuromuscular explosion that spreads through the body in a high voltage dose of orgasmic electricity.

The doctors, psychologists and psychiatrists tend to underestimate the importance of orgasms because, to them, there isn’t much sense in orienting patients to practice healthy sex that implies in the perfect mesh of couples. There are ethical questions that prevent the adequate orientation, adding also the absence and/or lack of knowledge of therapeutic procedures to solve the problem.

Metamorfose Centre developed a methodology based on researches that they have been making since 1996 with human sexuality, offering their clients the experience of the therapeutic orgasm. An orgasm based in the development of sensorial aptitudes without the sexual connotation. Thousands of people, men, women and couples already passed through the experience of reaching an orgasm through Tantra.

We have the satisfaction to teach our clients the methodologies that we apply, assisting couples to surpass their difficulties in the search for pleasure and sexual fulfilment.

Our treatment for Anorgasmia (lack of orgasms):

In Metamorfose Centre, and with the Deva Nishok Method, we developed a methodology where the therapist feels the areas with lowest reaction and conducts stimulus in a way that sensitises the neutral and frozen areas, restoring the sensibility and muscular reflexes. The body responds with physiological signs that are identified by the therapist.

With cadenced movements and reflexes, our therapeutic process will “open a path” so the course of sensorial information can reach the brain and the decoding centre of pleasure. In many people – men and women, this course is compromised by structures of beliefs that affect the quality of the sensorial and motor transmissions responsible by our perception and by the production of organic material in response to the stimulus.

In an orgasm, the main organic components are hormones.

Without the production and intensification of hormones there is no pleasure, and consequently not the needed sexual responses to reach an orgasm either.

Our work acts on two fronts: the first is the adequate hormonal production and the second is in the activation of neural bindings that restore the good functioning of muscles and glands associated with sexual pleasure.

For the clients that wish to reestablish orgasms or potentiate pleasure, we recommend that they follow our recommendations adequately, according to the criteria and the order of the massages we offer:

  1. Go to some Sensitive Massage sessions first. This massage acts as a way to open the sensorial channels of the muscles and tissues in our bodies. It improves the expansion of new muscular chains associated with orgasms, intensifying a lot the orgasmic experience.
  2. When your therapist considers that your muscles and tissues respond well to the stimulus induced by the Sensitive Massage, go to some sessions of Full Ecstasy Massage. There, the therapist produces a big quantity of bioelectricity and conducts an electric experiment to the genital muscles, potentiating and increasing the quality and intensity of the pleasure and of the orgasm. This massage also acts in the preparation of the adequate muscular tone, in the sexual muscles, preparing them to higher experiences of pleasure. Our studies over the years show that people who present difficulties to achieve orgasms or achieve it too quickly don’t possess an adequate muscular tone to sustain a high experience of pleasure and orgasm. The Full Ecstasy Massage will tone up your sexual muscles: in women, the clitoris, the vulva, and the intravaginal muscles, including Grafenberg’s gland. In men, the penis, the perineum, and the ligaments that bind the penis to the pubic bone.
  3. After a series of sessions with Full Ecstasy Massage you’ll be ready to live other experiences in Lingam or in Yoni Massage. In this phase your sexual muscles will be prepared to produce a sensorial material more pertinent to a Hyper-orgasm and to more elevated stages of perception and conscience.

On Metamorfose you can trust.