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experiência oceânica

The Oceanic experience is a state of altered consciousness and perception that can be reached through orgasm or through meditations which elevate the base sexual energy (Kundalini) to its highest point, to the meridians of energetic transmission, also known as nadis.

It´s a state which includes physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects in perfect alignment, in such a way as to allow perception and consciousness to become elevated.

The elevated state of consciousness became acknowledged as an idea in the 60´s by one of the fathers of transpersonal psychology: Abraham Maslow. Superior consciousness appears to be the centre of unimagined psychic faculties.

In Tantra there are various techniques which allow this superior consciousness to be channelled, which forms the most elevated and sublime part of our beings. Through tantric practices, little by little, we are able to enter into a vast and infinite field of consciousness, where we can perceive our eternal and transmutable condition.

Whilst these practices were discovered through Tantra, adherents of various schools and spiritual techniques have also been able to access this understanding, overcoming the limits of the five senses. Amongst these techniques, we can find Vedanta, Yoga, Zen-Buddhism, Tai-Chi-Chuan and many other meditative techniques which have been circulating since ancient times.

All traditions, even the most ancient ones, contain individuals, men and women, who claim to have had a transcendental experience, going beyond the borders of human consciousness and entering into contact with the true nature of reality. There are diverse names for this: Mystical ecstasy, mystical experience, cosmic experience, cosmic consciousness, transcendence, nirvana, Samadhi, satori, seventh heaven, etc….

In the western world, every year the amount of people interested in this type of experience increases. Numerous researchers go in search of philosophical, scientific, mystical and spiritual means to be able to reach these states of transcendence and study them.

In Tantra – The Path of Love, the main difference in relation to other schools is that the Oceanic Experience is arrived at through the conscious mobilisation of the base sexual energy, which takes place through polarised exchanges, allowing the meditator to get to know the functional mechanisms of their body. These mechanisms enhance this magical transcendent force, becoming conscious quickly and efficiently, facilitating the expansion of sensibility and consciousness, without the need for an austere regime of confinement and spiritual practices.

In the Oceanic Experience felt in the Tantric Meditations, it’s possible to experience:

The feeling of unity: In the experiences of altered states of consciousness and perception it’s always observed that the dualistic perception disappears: that of the self and the world. The consciousness identifies itself with ´all that is´. In these types of experiences there are people who go through a cloud of light and then explain it afterwards saying: “I was a cloud of light....”

The indescribable character: It’s just about always impossible to describe the experience in ordinary language. Often people are unable to describe what they saw or felt, especially when they are confronted with ideas which go beyond the usual mechanistic vision of the world. “It´s as if I was a light, an energy, or vibration”, they say, “a universal consciousness. I don´t have the words, because I what I went through goes beyond words.”

The noetic nature: What´s experienced (in this state) is perceived as real, in a much more intense form of reality than the experiences of daily life. Even emotions are felt in much stronger ways than in ´normal´ life.

The Transcendence of space-time: This is one of the most important parameters. It appears as soon as one enters a world outside that of the five senses, in the spiritual world. One enters into another dimension in which time no longer exists and where tri-dimensional space disappears. Past, present and future no longer exist. Everything is concurrent.

The expansion of the Coronary Centre: Many people have the sensation of compression at the top of their head, which remains for hours, even after the meditation or experience of ecstasy has finished. Their creativity remains more finely-tuned, their physical perception increases and is enhanced.

The perception of the Sacred: A person experiences the internal dimension of the sacred, in its truest sense.

The disappearance of fear of death: Life is perceived as eternal and physical existence as transitory. Fear of death disappears in the moment in which people become conscious of their capacity to live in a different way, without being conscious of their physical body, with more relevant perceptions than those to which we are accustomed using the five senses.

Changes in behaviour and values: The Oceanic Experience produces significant changes in appreciating values such as beauty, kindness and truth. I have witnessed people giving up smoking and other bad habits, changing jobs for something more attuned to their essential being, overcoming fears and phobias, forgiving their parents or enemies, and becoming reconciled. All of this happened through the power of the Oceanic Experience.

Having is substituted for Being: The spiritual dimension and of planetary transformation become more important than the need to have. A person becomes engaged in the movements which facilitate the greater harmony of our planet. When a Being returns from the Oceanic Experience, something transformatory changes his/her character and structure, from coming into contact with other beings who lived through the transformative experience, becoming attuned to them.

The sensation of having left the body: A person frequently describes having left the body and many refer to the experience as no longer having a body or of having a body made of energy and light.

Hearing noises or cosmic sounds: Frequently sound becomes amplified and disconnected from the eardrums. We are able to ´hear´ sound through the body of energy.

Contact with other beings: An enormous amount of people describe communicating with spiritual beings and even with those from other spheres. Often they come into contact with deceased family members and ancestors, with transformative and powerfully loving revelations. The understanding of eternity changes completely and increases the links of gratitude with ones ancestors.

The sensation of unity: We have the impression of being able to enter people, animals and things in the universe completely. The conscience acquires such expansion that the being finds itself in its present, past and future, in tandem with successive experiences, where we can get to know and share the experiences of others. It´s difficult to put into words this idea of space and time, of the capacity to get to know the limits of the universe, of travelling to other worlds, other systems, other multi-dimensional galaxies, and, at the same time, have the awareness of being here and in all places, at the same time.

Freedom: “Then you will know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free”. This has nothing to do with the Gospels, it’s recognition that there is no absolute truth, that life contains unimaginable nuances. What artist could have created something so perfect and in such magnitude? And which of us could embrace such existential content in such infinite aspects? In the face of this, the concept of truth collapses. There´s no logic capable of comprehending such extensive nature. Only the key to the Heart and to Love can open this door. Neither greed nor lust are able to pluck anything out of there. Nobody can profit from this truth. The greatest gain is in living it in wisdom, without needing to own it.

Haptic Ability: Humans have other nerve receptors which go further than the five senses in being able to access other aspects of reality; reaching total reality. In the Tantric meditations, the meditator increases production of eight types of hormones, enhancing the neurotransmitters, so as to allow the conscience to widen and for perception to feel other dimensions of life through our physical senses. Hence why people often describe having touched these planes, glimpsed new colours or lights, smelt perfumes, heard sounds and voices, and created forms out of desire and will. There is a new reality which manifests itself in relation to the senses.

In Tantra – The Path of Love, and the Oceanic Experience, the experience of de-genitalised orgasm is offered. The whole human body is of an orgastic nature.

Unfortunately, humans have learnt that orgasm is exclusively associated to sex, ending in ejaculation for men. Man has been conditioned and constrained to believe that the orgasmic dimension of a Being is limited to genital contact and so he longs for it. Both men and women suffer terribly from the absence of the Oceanic Experience.

Through the techniques used in Tantra – The Path of Love – we are able to halt all intellectual activity and enter into in the sensorial universe in a non-sexual way, allowing us to access parallel worlds which go beyond the five senses.

The path which leads to this experience involves the transmutation of the ego, through extending the fields of consciousness, and through changing the levels of reality. We perceive the world according to our ego, which is merely an extremely limited part of our whole selves. Seen in this way, the world is illusory and we have a partial and relative vision of it: only a tiny part of us perceives a tiny part of the universe. As we reach sublime states, reality appears to be even vaster.

Nothing can be said of these worlds. All those who try to explain and describe them are naturally called mystics, esoteric, witches, magicians, visionaries, madmen….

Deva Nishok

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