Personal Power

How can Tantric Therapy help

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We all have the ability to fight for our ideals, to seek out what we want and need, ensuring both our own survival and that of those we love. Despite this, few of us take responsibility for what we want to be, and for the objectives we want to achieve.

To develop a sense of individual empowerment, we need to take on responsibilities.

Through Tantric Therapy, we begin to understand that “we are responsible for all that we feel and don´t feel, all that we want and don´t want, all that we are and what we choose to leave behind”.

We are the architects of our own lives, and with adequate planning and the right attitude, we are able to build upon and exceed our particular qualities, obtain goals and objectives and transform the way we live our lives.

How we experience what we live through is the fruit of our own personal choices. The environment in which we live and the situations we create in our lives are reflections of our thoughts, words and actions.

The majority of people are unaware of their personal power. Whether or not you believe in your own power, it exists, and it creates the circumstances within and around you.

When something goes wrong, we prefer to blame someone or something else. We blame God, family, our partner, the government, destiny, obsessions and demons, or even karma as the root of all our problems.

In this way, we justify our frustrations on relationships, on family problems, on a lack of friends, on being bad-tempered or un-motivated, on insomnia, illness and social degeneration, on drugs and alcohol which lead to criminal and penal actions, on moral degeneration and financial disaster.

Stop being a victim and start taking responsibility for your own Personal Power.

Taking on personal power means taking responsibility for your own life, and for your choices and stances. Freedom means responsibility. This is the real reason many people fear it.

Only by accepting responsibility, can you become truly independent and complete, and able to reach your objectives.

The Tantric Therapy offered by Metamorfose Centre will allow you to become conscious of your actions and decisions, regain a sense of self-confidence and put you in contact with your own reality, showing you how and in what way you are creating your own reality.

You can trust in the Metamorfose Centre.