Premature Ejaculation

How can Tantric Therapy help?

ejaculação precoce

Also denominated precocious ejaculation, it is the most common male sexual dysfunction. Premature ejaculation (ejaculation praecox) is unmistakable, characterised by men’s inability to control the ejaculatory reflex. Once he is sexually aroused, he reaches orgasm quickly. Premature ejaculation can happen with or without penetration; some men ejaculate with only a small tactile or even visual stimulus.

To some specialists, the time between the introduction of the penis in the vagina and the ejaculation is the criteria to perform a diagnosis. To the Tantric Vision of the Path of Love, a man is considered a premature ejaculator if he ejaculates before his partner reaches an orgasm and the apex of pleasure.

Men’s ability to control his ejaculation is crucial for a perfect performance in sexual intercourse, capable of providing pleasure to both partners. A good sexual lover must be capable of continuing sexual games, even if he is embedded by a high degree of excitation, allowing the partner to reach a high level of excitement and orgasm.

In Metamorfose Centre we offer a methodology that promotes sensorial reeducation with its foundations in the perception of sexual energy. Many men confuse our work, thinking it is mere masturbation. In reality we discourage men to practice masturbation, because it is, according to our point of view, one of the conditionings that further reflect on the premature ejaculation’s mechanism, because it “rigs” the touch in the genitals, in the quickness of the stimulus, creating involuntary reflexes that are hard to control.

Our work is not masturbatory and we don’t recommend that men sustain a sexual attitude regarding our therapists, that aren’t prostitutes and do not satisfy their client’s sexual fantasies. The clients that wish to feed their twisted pathologic aspects, underestimating the intelligence of women must look for whores and prostitutes. Our community doesn’t employ services like tat, even if other communities use Tantra as a mean of prostitution.

The Method developed by Deva Nishok needs the client to acquire another attitude, more open and receptive, dissociated from the representation of sexual roles. He needs to place himself as a client that is being helped and not like a “macho latino”, that doesn’t know how to behave in the presence of women. The individual also needs to be passive, to learn how to receive sensorial stimulus regarding the touch, in order to reorganise his sensorial information; the sensorial decoding centers located in the brain and throughout the spinal cord. Only then he will become capable of appreciating the touch the same way women appreciate it.

Many men possess a great difficulty in receiving affection and fondles. So, it’s sometimes difficult to understand that the effect produced by smooth contact can create determined results in the mind that result in the supremacy of the orgasm pleasure. On the other hand, the penis musculature is hypotonic – it has a low muscular tone – and it can’t sustain a higher energy of pleasure for long periods of time. The greater the valorisation of masturbation and fantasy, on the man’s side, greater the possibility he will become a premature ejaculator and impotent.

The problems associated to the premature ejaculator go beyond the genital sphere. Together with the ejaculation the man experiences the absence or reduction of erotic sensation. The channel for sensorial information in the nervous system gets congested with the excitement and the proximity to the orgasm, and men end up experiencing an anaesthetic sensation in the genital organs because the energy goes up too quickly to the adapted sexual centre, the brain congested with eroticism.

The man that experiences genital anaesthesia doesn’t have knowledge of this phenomenon, simply because he lacks sensorial reeducation, never depurated his perception, remaining an observer in the moment of orgasm. When the man puts himself in the position of an observer, dissociating from the roles that a lover represents in sexual intercourse, he starts to better understand and administrate the energy mobilisations provoked by eroticism and by the orgasm, distributing the experience of intensified energy by the other muscles of his body, and not only concentrating in the ejaculatory muscles.

The man who suffers from ejaculatory incontinence is unhappy and anguished by that condition. The failure in controlling an orgasm produces the sensation of sexual inadequacy, carried with a feeling of guilt and incapability of leading the other to a situation of pleasure, intimacy and orgasm. The lack of control leads the man to frustrate and decrease his sexual contacts, feeling embarrassed and anxious. Many men experience an evolution on his condition to a regulatory impotence, as a reaction to their condition of fear, guilt, anxiety and frustration.

Premature ejaculation can have as its source both physical and psychological causes.

The Deva Nishok Method consists on the man focalising repeatedly his attention on the sensation of imminent orgasm and learning how to deviate that energy to other muscles of the body, spreading the orgasmic reflex to the body. He needs to understand that the orgasm can be felt on all the muscles of the body and not just on the genital segments according to what was conditioned on his earlier learning. The method also teaches the man how to obtain a better exploitation of the orgasm, through the dry orgasms (non-ejaculatory) and the multiple orgasms, of a non-sexual nature.

We recommend to men at least 6 to 10 continuous sessions in order to obtain the most benefits from our work.