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It´s not easy to define sex. When it comes up in conversation, a whole gamut of never-ending possibilities arises.

Sex evolves the species and also evolves through it, acquiring new and unimaginable variations that may surprise those who have never ventured to know the true wonders of this powerful force capable of vitalising nature´s energy particles.

There is primitive sex, grotesque and animal, acting as a force of nature upon the species so that they multiply, just as there is also sublime sex, elevated to the spheres of infinitesimal powers, as in homeopathy; which is charged with powerful and subtle qualities, capable of raising the consciousness of man to a divine and celestial condition.

Sex can be a physical and organic manifestation, cellular and particular, that distinguishes the man and the woman, the masculine and the feminine, giving them the roles they play, in a behavioural manner for reproduction. This spring of energy determines a mix of bodily characteristics that differentiate the males and the females, allowing them to reproduce.

Intrinsically linked to fertility and pleasure, sex can also be an access key for interior evolution. Ancient schools of mystics have long studied the transcendent potential which allows altered states of consciousness and perception capable of dominating and re-signifying the powerful life instinct, channelling consciousness, communication and life expression into new levels of expression.

This manifestation of the power of sex, continuously exerted over children, is what determines the quality of life that an individual will experience in his/her life. The sexual force moves us in a subconscious way, modelling our behaviour and regulating aspects of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual vitality.

This regulating force of our lives moves itself organically through the genitals and through the glands, activating the determinant hormones through the emotions.

Sexual energy is splendid. It brings pleasure and babies to the world, perpetuating our species, regulating the future of our generations. Without the sexual act of our parents, none of us would be here. Through sex, we eternalise the future generations through the propagation of our genes.

Historically, sex and spirituality have been complicated bedfellows. Whilst some ancient religions included sex in their rites, others tried to control it, through suppression or through severe limits of its expression. The majority of dominant world religions preached the sublimation of sexual practices, trying to channel them into sociably acceptable forms such as marriage. Unfortunately, the sublimation proposed by religions has never been achieved, as it lacks the requisite orientation required for altering the quality of sexual energy, which would take it to a free condition independent of primitive aspects of desire and of the instinctive sexual appetite.

Sacred Sex makes the most of the power of sexuality with the objective of accelerating personal transformation and intensifying our spiritual growth. The Tantric meditations which aim for sacred sex do not require penetration for example. Before penetration, the man needs to develop his ability to maintain an erection for a good length of time, without the need to ejaculate. The Shakti, (the woman), knowing the whole potential of the Shiva (the man) in sustaining pleasure and orgasm in higher levels, can relax and give herself freely to the energies which elevate them. If the woman (the Shakti) is worried about becoming pregnant, she produces tension, fear and anxiety.

Ejaculation is unnecessary, unless needed for procreative ends, or when the partners are no longer worried about becoming pregnant. In this aspect, the meditative practices offer an incredible variety of energetic fields which attract peaceful souls attuned to the light. When a Shakti becomes pregnant in these energetic conditions that are attuned to more developed spirits, (the Avatars), our species also benefits. The grotesque and primitive practices of conventional sex attract spirits compatible with moral degradation, distorted values, violence and vicious practices which are committed in the moment of coitus and pregnancy.

The greater purpose of Tantra is to open a canal of communication between incarnate beings and beings of other existential spheres which also transit in our system. Unfortunately, we live in cultures which degenerate the importance of this vital energy (Kundalini) and violate the roles of the feminine and the masculine, creating extremely aggressive systems not worthy of the human species.

Tantra proposes to reveal the sacred aspect of human beings, placing them in the condition of beings able to transit between worlds disassociated from ephemeral pleasure and material possessions.

Tantra is a state and a condition in which freedom predominates, as a state of consciousness and not as a type of liberalism trampling on all values. Tantra wants to create an equal society, based on love and cosmic and celestial ethics, serving as a powerhouse and sustainer of life.

Various ancient traditions tried to include sexuality in their religious rites. Around 3000A.C, the Sumerians carried out a ritual of Sacred Marriage – a union between a priestess of the Goddess Inanna and of a Priest Prince, as a way of gaining favours of the Goddess for their cities. In Greece, there was a staged ritual sex, called hieros gamos, which was the traditional marriage of the Goddess of Love and Fertility with her lover, the young and virile god of vegetation. Ancient sources suggest that there existed certain practices between followers of the Eleusinian Mysteries, dedicated to the Goddess Demeter. There is evidence to suggest that certain rituals were also practised by the Egyptians in the cult of Isis which continued up until the Romans.

What is the relationship between Tantra and Sex?

Of all the types of pleasure, the most contagious and overflowing is that of sexual pleasure. The greatest source of pleasure that a human being can experience is orgasm. But orgasm is far away from having its whole potential developed and understood by human society. There are various psychological and physical facts which interfere negatively with the nature, quality and intensity of orgasm, affecting or even wiping out its transcendent potential.

From the physical point of view, there are difficulties related to the poor muscular condition of the sexual muscles (the penal muscles of the man and the clitoral and inter-vaginal muscles of the woman). Because sexuality is generally awoken in an improper way in the human species, usually through masturbation, orgasm is often a quick and anxious experience, and becomes linked to antagonistic situations of fear, anxiety and insecurity. The psychological factors are the dominant ones in many situations, disqualifying the discovery of sexual pleasure, placing it as something dirty, prohibited, transgressive and un-worthy; done in dark corners and basements of the soul, without anyone knowing about it, as if it was something to be done only in isolation and considered a sin.

If you work on this type of pleasure – orgasm – and on this powerful instinct, which is the preservation of the species, sexual energy starts to work in your favour, freeing up new aspects of your sacredness and of your connection to the spiritual source of life, giving you new ideas on the importance and point of life.

Orgasm has been totally distorted from its original purpose, which is for the body´s cells to vibrate in such a unique way as to fill the reproductive cells with a blooming light opening up more elevated and evolved channels connected to our ancestral nature. It´s possible to feel a major orgasm, in cosmic proportions which connect us to universal frequencies of ecstasy, in which a heavenly gasp directly connects us with the source of creation. When a couple attuned to this energy have an intensive orgasm together, there is a spiritual connection which places them in harmony with other spheres, in which they also connect to other beings who vibrate on this scale.

Understanding how powerful this sexuality is brings about a state of consciousness which integrates your power as a creator with your insights about the evolution of our world. Over the years, I have been a witness to the experiences of various people who have felt this process of transcendence. Many of them form part of the Metamorfose Centre, and work with awakening the unity of consciousness in others; in those who are open to the idea of trying out the path of raising Kundalini energy in a conscious and balanced way.

The discovery of the highest frequency of sacred sexuality is related to the expansion of the state of love, which has nothing to do with the partners being heterosexual or homosexual. It has to do with two human beings giving pleasure to one another, dedicating themselves to higher levels of perception, elevating the potential of the other to be able to penetrate higher spheres of creative plans.

The greater objective is love as essence and as a basic condition of life. It´s the recognition and verification that we live in a Universal Cosmic Ocean, where water is substituted for another energetic liquid called love. The connection with this generous source of love is established as the most significant experience of our lives, creating memories that will be with us forever, as these bonds cannot be broken or forgotten.

This is the principal of Tantra, in which the sexual union is called Sahaja Maithuna. In Tantra, the woman is referred to as “Shakti” – a term which signifies energy – and is reverenced as a Goddess. Instead of being possessed, it is she who ´possesses´, and she who leads the act through her movements. For the development of Sahaja Maithuna, it´s important to prepare the physical body, conditioning the sexual muscles to be able to sustain a higher quality of energy for a sufficient period of time. It´s also necessary to develop the physical senses, preparing the sensory agents to alter the “Gunas” (quality) of the sensations: vision becomes altered, hearing opens new cerebral perspectives, sense of smell and taste buds become altered and touch acquires an electric quality which produces a special vibrational effect on our bodies. Imbued with a new sexual response, all these factors together provide the practitioners with a new state of cosmic orgasm; known as the Oceanic Experience.

Viewing sexuality as a path for self-development and interior evolution is a reencounter with the way your ancestors worshiped sex and sexuality, far removed from the hedonism that seems to prevail today. Through sacred sexuality, men and women connect to a primary aspect of life, in which rights, love, liberty and justice prevail, providing fertile ground for amplifying our state of consciousness and expanding our creativity.

This path can only be walked by those who are ready to find it, and to reverence and value it, incorporating the practices into a new way of living. Your sexuality may be dormant, wasted or revered as a source of rejuvenation and pleasure. It´s up to you to make the choice.

We invite you to get to know our work and develop yourself in a new way, exploring your body´s full potential for expansion. At the Metamorfose Centre we have all the requirements for you to be able to develop your sacred sexuality. Our most experienced accredited therapists will lead you in practices to strengthen the sexual muscles and awaken the senses, so as to allow you to perceive the true significance of sacred sexuality.

All the processes of the Metamorfose Centre are based on an idea of instigating a “physiological response” to what is being proposed. We don´t hold an esoteric or mystical vision of Tantra. All the responses which happen during the processes come about as a result of energetic and hormonal drives which sustain the effects, principally through acting upon the Pineal and Thymus Glands.

You can trust in the Metamorfose Centre!

Deva Nishok

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