Sexuality Development

How can Tantric Therapy help

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Sex is profoundly healing and harmonic. It is scientifically proven that sex is the main regulating activity of the organism.

People that don’t practice healthy sex regularly develop diseases in the body and mind. The sexual act affects directly the vital functions of the organism such as blood pressure, regulation of the heartbeat, sleep and other important functions.

Believe it or not, sexual activity can cure many aspects of your life. It is the most glorious gift that human beings possess; the path to unlock your intern wisdom, your divine and sacred aspect. Unfortunately sex is frequently hackneyed, undervalued, repressed, portrayed only as an act for physical relief, something animals do or even as a sin, a taboo.

Wilhelm Reich once said sex is a social plague. Nobody wants to talk about it, but ironically everybody needs to practice healthy sex regularly.

As a way to solve their sexual needs most people masturbate and with that they further isolate themselves, letting go of an intimate coexistence that brings important affective benefits. Reich said isolation and lack of healthy sexual coexistence produce the “cold penis” and “dry vagina” effect.

There is nothing wrong with masturbation. It’s good that people learn to honour their own bodies while stimulating the right feelings in them. However the way that society in general masturbates further emphasises guilt, fear, insecurity and the neuromuscular reflex that reinforces the quickness of ejaculation and orgasm.

The constant use of masturbation condition, in a limiting way, the sensibility areas of the clitoris in the woman’s body and the ejaculatory muscles in the man’s, reinforcing the aspects of premature ejaculation and the shrinkage of men’s penile muscles reflex after ejaculation.

Regarding Men’s Sexuality there are current statistics raised by researchers of the University and the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, described in the article released by “The University of Chicago Chronicle” on February 18 of 1999. According to this research, more than 30% of the male population presents some kind of sexual dysfunction.

The most common problems are: premature ejaculation, erection disorders (impotence or some difficulty to maintain an erection), low libido, difficulty reaching orgasm and anorgasmia (absence of an orgasm). The result is that one in every three men suffers from premature ejaculation (Alan H. Bennet, W.B. Sanders Co. 1994, PP 4 and 5, Chap.1); 52% of men between 40 and 70 years old present some degree of impotence or erectile dysfunction (JAMMA 1990, PP 281-590).

The current situation of Female Sexuality also leaves much to be desired.

In the American article of Health day - Medline Plus, an U.S. National Library of Medicine service published in October 31 of 2008, according to a research conducted by U.S. National Health and Social Life, over 40% of women present sexual problems. The main dysfunctions related to this problem are mainly low libido, inability to get excited, absence of orgasms/difficulties reaching it and the presence of pain during sexual intercourse.

In short, over half of the female population doesn’t experience a healthy sex life with pleasure and joy.

Even more: this research also shows that from those 40%, only 12% believe that having those dysfunctions actually pose as a problem. That reveals that women don’t know the value and importance of a healthy sex life in their pursuit of happiness and fulfilment.

Healthy sex is expression, exchange, an involvement that connects you to another person, not only on a sexual and physical level, but also in an emotional and even spiritual level, affecting important aspects in your development such as trust, delivery, sharing affection (learning to give and to receive), learning to know your body and the body of the opposite sex.

In an integrated, conscious, non-compulsive sexuality the body, mind, emotions and the essence work together as a whole integrated system. As a result, the benefits mobilised through the practice of healthy sex affect the whole being and reflects on that person’s life.

That is why Tantra is considered a spiritual system that integrates the wholeness of a person. With Tantric Therapy you will understand the importance of sexual energy and the preponderant role that it exercises over your state of balance and self-realisation. You’ll discover the strength in that energy, in a different context from the connotation of sex that the society in general knows.

There are divine and sacred aspects that tune an individual to a universal cosmic system from which the gifts of love and life manifest.

Sex is life. Every time we distance ourselves from that source of pleasure we get sadder, weaker, we wither and shrivel ourselves.

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