Social Reintegration

How can Tantric Therapy help

reintegração social

The word “integrate” means being a part of something. The sensation or the idea of belonging in something, someone, a group, or in a job, project or construction, brings important transformations to your being. One of the biggest difficulties in our society is to deal with the sensation that we are alone, that we are separated from the whole, which generates isolation, lack of trust and loneliness.

If you observe your attitudes, your behaviour, it is possible you’ll find some discrepancies between your thoughts, feeling and attitudes. Those discrepancies are related to the misalignment between the needs of your body and the ones from your mind, with the emotions and the essence.

With time, these fragmentations make a person feel isolated, misunderstood, lonely, with great difficulty to insert themselves in a social group and with the difficulties to even comprehend their own emotions.

Tantric Therapy offers you the conditions of insertion and coexistence with other people that already went through the same process of isolation and opened themselves to new experiences where they can share their life with others, integrating.

I found my tribe”. Esta é a sensação e a fala recorrentes entre os adeptos dos trabalhos da Terapêutica Tântrica e dos Workshops do Centro Metamorfose.