Stress Reduction

How can Tantric Therapy help

redução do stress

Imagine a steel bar being twisted. The tension in the bar before it breaks is called by physics “stress”. On human beings it’s characterised by alterations in the organism, manifesting themselves in the physical body and in emotions.

In 1965, Hans Selye used the term “stress” to designate the state of tension of the organism, when subjected to an agent that threatens to compromise their integrity. He called this reaction of hit or run, of general adaptation syndrome.

This effort had the purpose of neutralising the stressing agent. This disease arises due to a flaw in the adapting system of the defence mechanisms in the organism.

The diseases caused by social stress depend on the nature, intensity and duration of the situation, in addition to the hereditary tendencies and the individual’s first life experiences. The stress interferes in the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Nervous System, responsible for the organism’s balance. They make up the Autonomic Nervous System that controls the heart rate, the contraction or relaxation of the stomach and the secretion of the glands of the gastric mucosa. They also affect the functional structure of the sexual organs and the sexual response mechanisms.

Stress is the result of the reaction our organism has when stimulated by unfavourable external factors. The first thing that happens with our organism in these circumstances is a discharge of adrenaline and the most affected organs are the circulatory and respiratory systems.

In the circulatory system the adrenaline promotes the acceleration of the heart rate (tachycardia) and the reduction of the peripheral blood vessels. Therefore the blood circulates quicker for a better oxygenation initially of the brain and muscles, and since there is less blood in the extremities it diminishes bleeding in superficial injuries.

In the respiratory system the adrenaline promotes the dilatation of the bronchus (bronco-dilation) and induces the increase in the respiratory movements (tachypnea) so that there is a greater oxygen uptake that will be quickly transported in the circulatory system, also duly prepared by the adrenaline.

When the danger ends our organism interrupts the major production of adrenaline and everything goes back to normal. Nowadays, these situations aren’t so simple; danger and aggression peek at every corner as a constant threat. Therefore the organism’s reaction while facing a stressing factor is of tachycardia, paleness, sweating, and wheezing. Blood pressure may also be out of control causing a very high increase of pressure, which doesn’t always mean that a person is hypertensive.

In Tantric Therapy we offer all the conditions so that you can get rid of the stress that sticks to you, eliminating his consequent harmful effects. The dynamics and exercises that are proposed in individual or group works act with efficiency in the dissolution of the negative stress.

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