The Therapeutic Orgasm


The orgasm was object of studies by Hippocrates and Galen (400 B.C.) and also by Avicenna and Maimonides in the Middle Ages. Literature says they developed therapeutic methods to stimulate the genital tissues to initiate the orgasm. The subject isn’t new and those practices became common, they were sill in use until around 1930’s. During that time, physicians prescribed orgasms as a therapeutic resource to treat women who has many sicknesses, mostly of them with hysteria (a convenient and broad ‘diagnosis’ giving to the women who wouldn’t be able to ‘adequate’ themselves to the society convention of that time). The orgasm or the “medical massage” used to be prescribed regularly. Unfortunately, after Freud, the medicine abolished the therapeutic resource of orgasm and started to use only psychotherapy.

The majority of people only experience the genital orgasm (clitoral or penile), but it’s important everyone know that orgasm may acquire greater intensity and last longer; it can also be much wider than commonly known, that only takes few seconds. I’m talking about whole body orgasm, also called Expanded Orgasm. An expanded orgasm is an orgasm more intense and longer than ordinary orgasm. This includes a range of sensations responsible to lead the person to a whole body orgasm, as described by Wilhelm Reich, orgasms that can last from few minutes to several hours. The term was created in 1995 by Patricia Taylor, that used it in her research about intense sexual experiences with 44 couples of different origins in a video she produced in 1998.

The characteristics that define expanded orgasm are energetic sensations and the contractions throughout the body, particularly the abdomen, internal muscles, hands, feet and of course, genitals, as described by Reich in his book written in 1942, The Function of The Orgasm. Dr. Taylor describes reports of practitioners going into altered states of consciousness , which used to brought her a profound liberation and emotional renewal, really deep spiritual experiences, a consciousness that generally isn’t realized during regular orgasms and the perception of the energy that expands far beyond limits of the body. We can also find reports of similar experiments in studies by Dr. Janny Wade and David Deida. Dr. Taylor says men are equally likely than women to enter these states and experience the same women do. In addition, both Brauer as Bodansky, address the extended male orgasm. The theories about biological processes required to enter in those states includes stimulation and progressive well-balanced elevation of sympathetic and parasympathetic systems.

The orgasm can display very important features to people’s health if used in a free and dissociated from libidinous and sexual approach. At Metamorfose Center we propose “Orgasm Without Sex”, an extraordinary therapeutic resource that is presented to women as a powerful option to resolve their sexual dysfunction and to fill their bodies with an amazing regenerative capacity of the hormones, naturally produced by their bodies. Using specific therapeutic stimuli, the body produces multiples orgasms that are released over one hour and a half of therapeutic session. During the sessions, lymphatic structures are the focal point, especially from tight and abdomen – responsible by lubrication of genital area. We also pay especial attention to neurofunctional structures of clitoris, stretching it and making extremely pleasurable stimulation, toning clitoral muscles with a specific bullet vibrator that is very powerful. Precise mobilization at Gräfenber glans (G-Spot) and intra-vaginal muscles tone the muscles, and that stimuli create a great potential of moisture and incredible variations of orgasms.

The orgasm is one of the best and more efficient regulatory treatment of hormonal disorders and it’s a free and natural resource, available for men and women regardless their age, it only concerns about sexual maturity of the person.

As published by US National Library of Medicine National Institute of Health, orgasm increases levels of estrogen and releases oxytocin, reducing the cortisol (the main hormone of chronic high stress, which is very common among women of all ages, especially today, considering the increase of pressure on females).

In addition to reducing cortisol levels in the blood, the levels of oxytocin has increased 5 times after a strong orgasmic experience. Higher levels of oxytocin make the person feel happier, while lower levels of oxytocin are related to depression and a lower thyroid hormone. The oxytocin also straiten the affective ties between mother and baby and between partners.

In other words, orgasm helps holy trinity – cortisol, estrogen and thyroid – to remain at its equilibrium point.

And there are more…

Orgasm reduces pain by half, without changing the sensibility.

Orgasm increases fertility, raising the negative pressure inside the womb – when oxytocin is liberated after the orgasm, the uterine contractions increases the suction of semen in the cervix. Oxytocin may increase bone density, preventing bone diseases, such as osteoporosis .

Anyone who wants keep in a perfect functional balance need intense doses of orgasms. The lack of orgasms or even unsatisfactory orgasms causes imbalances in physical body, mind, emotions and spiritual dimension of being.

At Metamorfose Center, the orgasm is therapeutic and may cure many afflictions that affect humans. Orgasmic therapy sounds much better and less risky than many other therapies that uses artificial hormones and antidepressants, which cause horrible side effects, some of them with irreversible consequences.

The Orgasmic Therapy of Metamorfose is available for men and women as an exceptional option for numerous sexual dysfunctions.

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