Your beliefs

How can Tantric Therapy help


The world in which you find yourself is a reflection of your thoughts; it is that which you believe it to be. Your perception is coloured by your thoughts; by your mind which makes continual judgments and observations in which it strongly believes.

Allow a gap to open up in the armour of your restrictive thoughts and try to see the transcendental value in every object.

Your experiences arise from your way of thinking. Your own mind causes such great confusion in you. If you´re shy, it was you who created this, through your fears, developing the incapacity to take risks and try new things.

Through the practice of meditation you can become conscious of the power of your thoughts and aware of how you´re affected by things and the ideas which you form surrounding them.

The mind sees value only in that in which it believes intensely. Despite the fact that we all see the same object, everyone gives it a different value. You think in a manner which reflects your own prejudices: your character was formed by your thoughts.

A thought is a creative instrument and man ends up becoming that which he thinks. You are creating your future through your present thoughts: if you think nobly, you will act nobly in the future; if you think negatively and in an inferior manner, no environment will have the power to change that.

Therefore, thoughts and actions are interdependent. Be vigilant, enter into a meditative state and acquire the capability to retain positive thoughts in the brain.

Your destiny is designed by your thoughts.

You possess as much power as you believe you possess. You are living in an infinite ocean of possibilities and happiness, but only take from it that which you think, believe and are able to imagine. According to certain prejudices you cultivate set ways of thinking and allow these to take root in the mind. The limit of your thoughts is the limit of your personal power and possibilities.

The secret to success is constant and repeated effort. The power of your thoughts is in direct proportion to their intensity, depth and energy, and they become intense, profound and energised when continuously nourished.

Everything that you intensely focus on will be given sooner or later, determined by the amount of effort which you spent in acquiring it. Develop a strong sense of determination: it´s a vital factor in contributing to the embodiment of your thoughts. Creative power is the privilege of all minds. Your efforts, guided by your aspirations, are the weft and weave of your destiny.

Don´t allow your mind to idly encourage negative thoughts – they have the power to take up space through your way of thinking. There are no limits to the power of human thought. The more concentrated the mind is, the more powerful it is. The minds rays often spread in various directions.

To increase your mental capability, it’s important to train your powers of concentration through regular meditation. Meditating on a regular basis bestows serenity upon the mind, deepens and strengthens your thoughts, throws light upon the paths along which you desire to wander; creating unity where there´s conflict, a sense of direction where there existed confusion and peace in place of anxiety.

It´s only through thoughts that you delude yourself, can experience life and death, remain a prisoner of the world and can free yourself from it. All states of desperation, on heaven and earth, are created by our own minds. Disorder and disharmony in the body and conflict in the mind have their roots in ignorance, and ignorance can be ultimately cured by a dose of reality.

You give enormous power to your beliefs, particularly those which hold destructive power. We invite you to get to know a new way of dealing with beliefs and thoughts, through the tantric meditations offered at the Metamorfose Centre.

Come and get to know Metamorfose. Your life will be transformed, just begin to believe it.