Everything was given to you for free — you didn’t even have to ask. The problem is that you never knew how to ask the proper way. The experience of gratitude allows you to take part in life's abundance and love in a new way, sharing your many blessings. Learn how to receive and how to dissolve your fears and your insecurities in the Great, Vast and Profound Existential Ocean.

Nature supports every need and desire, including your need for joy, love, laughter, harmony and knowledge. At first, try to obtain these things — not only for you, but for others as well — and all the rest will come back spontaneously.

What happens during the Melting workshop? (by Deva Nishok)

Melting is a group work, based on Osho’s Social Meditations, together with some powerful contemporary therapeutic practices, such as Primal, Pulsation, Flushing, NLP, Hypnosis, Rebirthing, Laughter Therapy, Shout Therapy, Past Life Therapy, Bioenergetics, and Massages amongst others.

It is a very fast and efficient way to dissolve the rigid armors we unconsciously create in order to survive. For people who live under pressure, go through anxiety crises, feel afraid and insecure, are frustrated and suffer from depression. For those who may have identity crises, panic attacks, feel lost, directionless or powerless, who may feel like giving up or very often are already halfway there, living in a semi-vegetative state.

However, this workshop is not only meant for people in this scenario, but for those who suffer from feelings of inadequacy and exhaustion — and who really want to get out of this condition — Melting provides an excellent opportunity to work through existential crises.

The workshop is aimed at those seeking personal development, self realization and who crave a sense of balance in their lives. The process is highly efficient at reconfiguring the ego, deprogramming us from the social traps which impose ideas of who we ´are´ and who we should "be".

Many of the people who come to us are going through an identity crisis, without knowing what they want to be, where they want to go, what to look for, and what is possible for them to achieve. They feel lonely, unsociable, inadequate...

The therapeutic practices offered through Melting generate an internal cleansing, providing relief from the weight of such destructive emotions… they connect people with the yearning of their souls; bringing balance, centeredness, clarity of mind, creativity, joy, and the power to get up, to go forth and take a leap over our weaknesses.

Melting is a process of enlightenment, of connecting to the values of the soul and of the essence, in a context of spirituality.

It´s also a great opportunity to meet people and make new friends. Lots of people engage in new circles of friendship, connected by respect, comprehension and true involvement.

Deva Nishok

Melting is an encounter of enlightenment, a great opportunity to reach the Oceanic Experience described by the mystic Tilopa.

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Experiencing the Definite can not be categorized as 'an' experience because he/she who experiences it becomes completely submerged in it. And where is he or she who experiences it, what can be said by the person who goes through it, who would explain it? When there is no subject, the object also disappears: the margins dissolve and only the flow of experience remains. The knowledge is there, but the holder is absent.

This has been a great issue for every mystic. They reach the Definite, but afterwards they are unable to describe what happened. They are unable to describe it to those who would like to be able to comprehend it intellectually. They’ve become one with the Definite. Their whole being described/witnessed/went through the phenomenon, but intellectual communication is impossible. They can give it to you if you are ready to receive it. They can allow you to reach it if you also allow them, being open and receptive. But words won’t do it, symbols won’t help it, theories and doctrines will be useless.

It is more an experiment rather than an experience. It is a process that starts and never ends. You enter inside it, but never possess it. It is like a drop of water falling into the ocean, or like the very ocean falling into a drop of water. It is a deep fusion. It is unity. You simply dissolve into it. Nothing remains behind, not even a trace. How therefore can you communicate? Will you go back to the world of the valley? Who will come back from that dark night to tell you?

Every mystic in the world feels powerless when it comes to communication. Communion is possible, but communication isn’t. This has to be understood from the beginning. Communion has a totally different dimension: two hearts meet and engage in a love affair. Communication is a link established from head to head; communion is a link between hearts. Communion is a feeling; communication is knowledge: only words are given, said, received and comprehended.  And due to the dead nature of the words, nothing alive can be related through them.

Even in ordinary life, when you really feel something and become something, it is impossible to describe it through words. Even in our daily routine we can feel the futility of words. And if you haven’t felt that yet it’s because you haven’t been living, only superficially. If everything you’ve lived through can be transmitted through words, it means you haven’t been alive at all.

When, for the first time, something beyond words start to happen, then life reveals itself to you, it knocks at your door. And when the Definite knocks at your door, you just go beyond words, you become dumb, speechless. Not even one word will come from within you. And, no matter what you try to say, it will sound senseless, so meaningless that you’ll consider your words an unfair representation of the experience. Remember that, because Mahamudra is the ultimate, the Definite experience.

Mahamudra means an orgasm with the Universe. If you´ve ever loved someone, you may have felt a fusion - the two of you were no longer two separate entities. The two bodies remained separate, but there´s something between these bodies, as if there existed a bridge; a golden bridge, and the inner duality disappears. A vital energy vibrates on both poles. If you´ve ever experienced this, then you can comprehend Mahamudra.

Osho (The Supreme Understanding, Chapter 1)

Mahamudra is beyond words and symbols.
The Void needs no reliance,
Mahamudra lies on top of nothing.
but remaining loose and natural,
One can break the yoke,
thus gaining liberation.

Mahamudra's Song

A few testimonials...

“A fantastic therapeutic work. No mental games, no theoretical analysis, no ideologies. A work from the self to the self. An appeal to the inner master who knows exactly what we need. The techniques were intense and hit me quite emotionally; it was necessary to surrender, but the essentials were there: a place filled with love, trust, seriousness and respect. I could feel wisdom in Nishok’s words. And not because of my academic history, or because I was basing it on things I´d read. I felt it from my heart, my new master. The mind is such a small and confused thing, and dealing with it is quite often a slow and useless process. Metamorfose's proposal, as far as I could see, is to awaken the self, the one that observes. What else can we do for one another that can be really meaningful? Projects that are for the community and the life within the community deserve to stand out and to be supported. I´m left with a sense of longing, of a deep feeling of being part of this family. Such great organization, food, support, wonderful morning yoga classes, and a beautiful place! It was a unique experience. Congratulations, Metamorfose family. I´ll come back."

Marcia Douetts Gouveia, psychologist - March/2014

“When I decided to take part in Melting, I did not read about it nor did I ask people I knew about their experiences at the workshop. I delve head first into it! I wanted to feel, experiment, discover and literally melt myself.

At the beginning it all felt like a game and, suddenly, it took me over and I felt completely immersed in my emotions, my thoughts, feeling other people’s emotions and energies, till a powerful force involved everyone creating a circle of power and transformation I’d never seen before. Reborn from Ashes!”

Prem Trisha - May/2014

"What I most liked of this wonderful experience was connecting with the best qualities of each and every person around me. The love, the friendship and the tenderness you feel coming from everyone. From the staff to the other participants, the animals and the wonderful and invigorating energy you feel from Nature, a huge thank you!”

Cassiana Serralvo Paschoarelli - March/2014

"The feeling of eminent death and the awareness of brevity of life led me to a state of presence, serenity and a real clarity. I went there. I visited my ultimate hours of life, I was full of tears, I said goodbye to everything and everyone, I unattached, delved into the eternal dark space and was reborn ready to act.  It gave me the clear sensation of being part of the universe, my planet, my parents and my family...  Of being unique and irreplaceable, and of having important work to do.  A responsibility that brought shock and delight at the same time.”

Veronica Santos - October/2015

The Melting experience was surprising, challenging and more than anything, transformative. The activities demanded not only physical, but also mental and psychic efforts. I was constantly facing my fears and doubts. The pleasure that came with the result of each practice was equally surprising. The transformation happening within me was very clear at the end of each one of them. I think that some effects of the processes needed time to mature, to grow, and are still happening now. After years of hard work with meditation I never thought I could find such intense outcomes in such a short period of time, but I do believe that my previous experience with meditations helped me focus on my breathing during these practices, which seemed an essential part of the process. I hope I can bring more loved ones to the next Workshop at Metamorfose.”

Clovis Jose Wotzasek - March/2014

“After the workshop I felt overflowing with love for everything and everyone. The exchange of hugs and tenderness with the other participants worked as an energetic recharge that feeds me and warms me every time I remember it.

The practices brought me several insights about things I need to improve on myself in order to have a happier life and reach my objectives and goals.

The feeling of disconnection to others and whatever group I’m in is still strong - so is the rejection I feel sometimes — but I feel more secure and free to be myself and express my reactions and sentiments, without fear of judgments of censorship.

At this moment I feel confident in my ability to improve my life and with more energy to act for my own benefit.”

Bernardete Eigmann Mattoso - March/2014

“Melting for me was another opportunity to connect with my higher self, my spirit, allowing moments of lightness, freedom and synergy with the creator. It gave me the desire to do something more, of wanting more, of deserving more, more love, more travel, more friends, more giving to others, to look more deeply into people’s eyes. An invaluable experience that is imprinted upon my being.”

Andreia Tretto Morlin - May/2014

“I was searching for a reencounter and it happened! The whole atmosphere of tenderness, respect, joy and love allowed me to go deeper in some practices and to feel unimaginable emotions. All this brought a new meaning to my life. I feel lighter, connected, confident and happy. I’m grateful to life and to everyone that was part of this process and in some way helped me in my personal development. I’m the same person, but different!”

F. K. - March/2014

“I’m very glad I had the courage to have taken the first step inhaling my inner self. I did not know for sure what I wanted, even less where to find what I didn’t even know what I was seeking. The only certainty I had is that something needed to be done. So, somehow life put Metamorfose in my path and since then, changes begin to happen. I found a place where I could freely express myself. Where my body could be stimulated to talk and, through it, I found a way to reach my heart, to know me better and to transform myself.  I want to be part of this again and again, and co-live with everyone from there. Thank you!”

M. R. - May/2014

“I went there without knowing many details, to avoid creating expectations… and I was constantly being surprised! I never thought I could get rid of certain traumas and blockages in such a short time, relying solely on my immersion in the exercises… I felt wonderful and it’s as if I´ve been truly reborn. I forgave myself and others, definitely got rid of everything that was tying me down. Thank you all at Metamorfose and everyone within the group. You are all amazing!”

Ana Carolina Rovaron - May/2014

“I must confess that I went on this journey without really knowing much about what the group does or who they are. I accessed the website and saw all the info, but I was always too ´busy´ and didn’t read about what was involved. I went there based on the experience of my sister and cousin, who had invited me on this journey with them.
I’m very happy that I didn’t read the website, because I’m sure my mind would have got in the way, creating blockages and prejudices about the work. Fortunately and for my betterment that was not the case. I saw, acted, felt, talked, experienced and lived it by myself. With no prior judgments. Metamorfose is a place filled with respect and dedication from everyone in the staff. I felt extremely comfortable and at peace.
During the Melting I had to face and admit that all my unhappiness is caused by myself. My mask can no longer cover my ego. It´s as if I was watching myself on a theatre stage. As painful as it is to admit, now I can see all the patterns that were constraining my life, and break them.
Thank you very much for this opportunity and for all the self knowledge tools you taught.

A huge bear hug.
Namaste sisters and brothers.”

Amanda Silva Rovaron - May/2014

Where: Metamorfose Commune

The workshop happens at the Metamorfose Commune, only 74.5 mi (120 km) from São Paulo, in Itapeva/MG. It is located at the top of the Mantiqueira Mountain Range, surrounded by nature and filled with optimal energy for therapeutic work.

The growth provided by living in a community with a therapeutic approach is available to anyone. Here you can work on your personal issues in a deep and profound way, completely immersed in your experience.

“When I arrived at the Commune I felt as if I was in the clouds, in every sense. The wonderful landscape, the warm reception, the outstanding food… Everything here brought a new sense of meaning to my life. I’ll be eternally grateful for all these new references!”
Renata Martins (psychotherapist, 54 years old)

Comuna Metamorfose


Shantideva (Osmar)Shantideva (Osmar)

Terapeuta Tântrico e Renascedor. É coordenador da Unidade Belo Horizonte da Comunna Metamorfose (Kaya Terapias), e facilitador dos grupos Melting, Delerium, O Caminho do Amor, Renascimento nas Montanhas, dentre outros.

Participa do Programa Pathwork de Transformação Pessoal (PPTP).

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