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Tantra e Massagem Tântrica nos Estados Unidos

Prandhara Prem (Renée)Idiomas:

Body Therapist, Instructor of Individual Tantric Massage and Pompoir courses, trained Rebirther, Integrated Breathing Therapies and facilitator of Delerium - Multiorgasmic Training for couples credentialed through Cento Metamorfose with Specialization in Sexual Dysfunctions. Works with men, women, couples, LGBT’s in all modalities of the Deva Nishok Method of massage therapies (Sensitve Massage, Total Ecstasy, Yoni Massage, Lingam Massage, G-spot and P spot Massage, Active and Vibrational Meditations). As well as, Delerium for couples (private classes).

Received Masters degree in Psychology in the USA, as well as a post graduate degree in Transpersonal Therapy in Brazil. Also a Reiki Master with Usui, Ma’heo'o Xamanico and Sekhem Seichem Reiki traditions. In addition, to these trainings Prandhara is also trained as Medicine women through Academia Xamanizando from Sao Paulo.

Prandhara offers the Deva Nishok massage Tantric method to expand and intensify the orgasmic feeling, to tone and strengthen the genital muscles in order to provide greater bioenergy support to the body, elevate the levels of perception, pleasure and awareness, energizing the chakras, regulation of hormone production, reframing the orgasmic potential, physical, mental and emotional rebalancing.

Prandhara was a resident of Comunna Metamorfose for 1 year in the Flowing Program, which enabled her to have an intense experience, improving her ability to lead and conduct groups in active and biodynamic meditations of the Deva Nishok method as well as coordinated the Immersion Program.