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Tantra e Massagem Tântrica em Pune

Deva GeetaIdiomas:

Tantric therapist skilled in all massage modalities of Deva Nishok Method (Sensitive Massage, Full Ecstasy, Yoni and G-Spot Massage - for women, Lingam and P-Spot Massage - for men). Works also with active meditations to intensify the results of the process and to provide altered states of awareness and consciousness, resulting in emotional and physical healing.

Geeta conducts individual sessions of Rebirthing, in conjunction with Tantric Therapy and Tantric Massage. She is also a Instructor of Private Delerium – Multi Orgastic Training for Couples and Tantric Massage Courses.

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INDPunefrom dec-15 to 23THAKo Panghanfrom jan-3 to 20Nepalfrom jan-22 to 31INDRishikeshfrom feb-2 to mar-15